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October – food waste

Saving you money, saving your food.

food wasteWe’re teaming up with York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership to help you make the most of your leftovers. They have lots of good ideas about how you can save money and make the most of the food you buy. Reducing your food waste can save the average family up to £60 per month.

They’re arranging a local event which will include a leftovers cookery demonstration and will be giving away gadgets that can help you reduce food waste – spaghetti measurers, rice measurers and tin lids. We’ll let you know more about this when the date and location is confirmed.

malton monthly food marketAnd our new Community Officers will have a stall at the October Malton monthly food market – as well as sharing messages about reducing food waste, they’ll also have information about their role as the face of the council in the community. The district is divided into six areas along ward boundaries and an officer is assigned to each geographical area. The Community Team officers deliver a local customer service for the Council, acting as the local representative of the council in their area. They help to ensure the smooth running of local facilities such as markets, car parks and public toilets and to be aware of any local issues specific to their area. They also undertake activities for other officers across the Council where it is more efficient to do so, such as putting up planning notices and undertaking visits to individuals or businesses.

They’ll also be sharing information about the long-term Don’t be a Waster – Reduce, Reuse, Respect campaign plans.

Our food waste top tips:

Cut down on food waste in your home with this nifty produce guide.

Money expert Martin Lewis shares his tips on saving money on your food.

World Food Clock reveals some shocking figures about food waste. Have a look.

Do you always cook too much? There are some clever tips to help here.

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You are here: Home Residents Bins and Recycling Don't be a Waster - Reduce, Reuse, Respect October - food waste