Doing what’s right for Ryedale

As your district council, we provide many of the services that people rely on day-to-day, such as housing, waste and recycling collection, local planning, leisure and recreation and environmental health – plus a lot more besides. We work actively with communities to give everyone in Ryedale the best opportunities and the best quality of life.

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COVID 360x360

New support for businesses most impacted by Omicron variant

On December 21 the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced £1 billion in support for businesses most affected by Omicron. Eligible businesses can now apply for the Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant Scheme.

Picture of a smiling older man, who is wearing a Ryecare Lifeline.

Protect your loved ones 24/7 with Ryecare Lifeline - still less than £1 per day

Ryecare Lifeline is a call button, worn as a bracelet or necklace, that connects to our 24-hour Ryecare call-centre. If the wearer takes a fall or has an emergency they can press the button to get help immediately - even if they cannot get to the phone.

The Household Support Fund can offer help to those struggling to pay their bills this winter.

Get help to pay bills this winter

The Household Support Fund programme ensures people who might be struggling and feeling the financial pressures of paying their bills over the winter, get the help they need.

Picture of signpost, with three pointers facing in different directions.

Local government reorganisation

The government has announced its decision on how councils in North Yorkshire will change in 2023. Find out about the decision and what it will mean, and read the Secretary of State's written statement on his decision.

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