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Local Development Scheme

Local Development Scheme

A programme for the review of the Ryedale Plan (Local Plan) is outlined within the Council's Local Development Scheme (LDS). It identifies the existing policy framework, and sets out the stages of the review of the Ryedale Plan (Local Plan) and the timescale for the review to take place. The progress of the review of the Ryedale Plan (Local Plan) will be reported in the Authority Monitoring Report.

The purpose of the LDS is to:

  • Highlight the current planning policies for the District
  • Identify which new documents will be produced to replace current policies over the next three yearsEestablish the timescale over which these documents will be produced 
  • Identify the consultation 'milestones' to inform people about the opportunities to become involved in the policy making process.

The LDS is periodically reviewed and is a rolling programme of policy/plan production that will ensure that the Council's planning framework is continually up to date.

Please also look at Future Planning Policy for where we are in the process of the review.


Local development scheme February 2021 (PDF, 11 pages, 301kb)


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