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Partnership staff, Ryedale Police, partner organisations and volunteers continue to work effectively together within our community to tackle areas of public concern. These range from quality of life issues including anti-social behaviour through to criminality in all its forms. Criminals travelling into Ryedale to commit offences remains a key challenge for us, however the focussed work of the partnership has ensured that crime and anti-social behaviour continues to fall within the district. The levels of crime in Ryedale makes it one of the safest districts in England and Wales.

The last three years have seen many changes in the national policy environment around community safety. County level structures have changed in line with the reduced reporting requirements and most crucially for Safer Ryedale, its funding has reduced by half and will reduce further. The strength of the Safer Ryedale Partnership is in its ability to deliver an 'on the ground' service and is a good example of what can be achieved with limited funding.

A potential major change in the way we deliver policing services has been the introduction of elected Police and Crime Commissioners who, among other powers and responsibilities, make all decisions concerning community safety funding within York and North Yorkshire. The Police & Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, has reviewed Community Safety structures in North Yorkshire and the City of York and she meets with key partnership staff, elected members and attends public meetings across the district.

We will continue to work with our partner agencies to address your community safety priorities with actions being delivered through our four delivery groups of Crime in the Community, Alcohol Harm Reduction, Domestic Abuse and Safer Roads. Our structure allows us to respond to emerging needs and trends using an intelligence led approach to prioritise the allocation and deployment of joint resources.

In determining our priorities and actions, we will always listen to our communities through direct engagement, face to face surveys, Community and Police Group forums, Neighbourhood Watch liaison and of course our district, town and parish councils.


The North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership takes the strategic lead for statutory responsibilities. Each district has a Local Delivery Team (LDT). 

Each Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has a statutory responsibility to produce a partnership plan, which identifies how we will tackle the short, medium and long term priorities associated with crime and disorder in the District. In order to ensure that we identify the correct priorities we take into account feedback from our local communities, obtained from various surveys and public engagement activities.

Safer Ryedale Action Plan 2017-18 (PDF, 5 pages, 270kb)


The Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment (JSIA) is prepared by North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Police and the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) who have a statutory responsibility to produce this document on an annual basis.  This document pulls together data and information from various partners, showing levels and patterns of crime, disorder and substance misuse, changes in those levels and analysis of why those changes have occurred, including a review of the previous year's performance.

The document determines which areas should be priorities for the forthcoming year.  It is an important partnership document, to ensure a commitment to working together effectively.  The anticipated outcomes are for medium to longer term crime reduction, by developing joint strategies and initiatives for protecting the residents of Ryedale and North Yorkshire from harm.

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