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Missed collections

Report a missed waste collection.

If we miss collection of rubbish or recycling and it's our fault, a crew will return within five working days (usually much sooner) to rectify the situation.

If you don't put your waste or recycling containers out for collection at the advised time, i.e. before 6 am, we will not return until the next due collection date for that material. Collections take place any time between 6 am and 5 pm. Please place all waste containers at the nearest point to the edge of the public highway but make sure that they do not cause an obstruction. Only correctly presented containers will be collected. If there is a problem finding a suitable location for the container, contact us and an officer will arrange to visit the property to identify a suitable alternative collection point.

Please return the waste containers to a position within the confines of your property on the same day following collection.

For calendars for your refuse, recycling and garden waste collections, please visit our Find your bin collection day page for details.

If we need to permanently change your collection day, we will notify you in writing, in advance.


Please ensure that the right recycling materials are placed into the correct containers. When the collection teams find containers that are contaminated, they are instructed not to collect them and a label will be left informing you of the reason for non-collection.

You will need to remove the contamination before the next scheduled collection and dispose of it either in your ordinary waste container or at a local household waste and recycling site. Please note: we will not collect any excess or side waste.


We operate a strict no side waste policy and only waste contained in RDC's containers will be collected. Additional side waste will be placed in the emptied bin or returned within the boundary of the property following collection. No excess waste will be removed from around the bin except when we change arrangements such as at Christmas or Bank Holidays.

Continual issues with side waste may require a visit by an officer to discuss reasons for the problem.

Waste stacked above the top level of the wheelie bin, preventing the lid from closing, will be removed and put back in the emptied bin, or returned within the boundary of the property after collection. Overfilled bins pose a health and safety risk for collection operatives when they present bins to the lifting mechanism.

Waste which cannot fit comfortably into a container can be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Heavy containers or wheelie bins

Containers or wheelie bins, which are excessively heavy, will not be emptied. Collection crews will place a leaflet or sticker on the bin to inform you of the problem.

You will need to reduce the weight in your bin before the next scheduled collection and dispose of it yourself at a local houshold waste recycling site. Please note: we will not collect any excess or side waste.


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