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Waste and recycling collections

Residents and businesses are reminded that there will be some changes to their normal day of collection for their refuse and recycling services over the Christmas and New Year period.

Week Commencing Monday 25 December 2017

Residents: Household waste and recycling collections normally due on Christmas Day (Monday 25 December) will be two days late on Wednesday 27 December 2017.

All other household waste and recycling collections due this week will be one day late - Collections will operate on Wednesday 27 December through to Saturday 30 December inclusive.

Businesses: Commercial waste collections normally due on Christmas Day will be two days late on Wednesday 27 December 2017.  All other collections will be one day late operating on Thursday 28 December to Saturday 30 December 2017.

Week Commencing Monday 1 January 2018

Residents: All household waste and recycling collections will be one day late

Collections will operate on Tuesday 2 January through to Saturday 6 January inclusive

Businesses: Collections due on Monday 1 January and Tuesday 2 January 2018 will be one day late

There are no changes to collections on Thursday 4 January and Friday 5 January 2018.

We operate an alternate week kerbside waste collection service. Full details of our policy on waste and recycling are available in our Household waste collection policy (PDF, 10 pages, 126kb)

All collections take place between 6am and 5pm. For details of your collection day and to find a calendar showing the collection pattern of your refuse and recycling, please visit our find your bin collection day page for all the details.

We cannot guarantee collection time therefore residents are advised that their containers should be placed out for collection by 6 am.

We provide a kerbside waste collection service. Please place all waste containers at the nearest point to the edge of the public highway but make sure that they do not cause an obstruction. Only correctly presented containers will be collected. If there is a problem finding a suitable location for the container, contact us and an officer will arrange to visit the property to identify a suitable alternative collection point.

Please return the waste containers to a position within the confines of your property on the same day following collection.

If there are 7 or more permanent occupants in your property and you experience capacity problems with additional non-recyclable waste you may be issued with an additional 140 litre bin.

Properties with 5 or more permanent occupants will be issued with a 240 litre (green) capacity wheeled bin for non-recyclable waste (instead of the standard 180 ltr (black) issue).

To request additional capacity please complete an application form.

Please include full names of all those permanently resident at the property, excluding full-time students living away from home or family members who are non-permanent but may visit at weekends or holiday times.


If you live in a remote property, or along a private road, you will be required to bring your containers to the edge of the nearest adopted public highway. Liners will be issued where it is impractical to site bins. Where there are four or more properties, a kerbside collection at a designated point will be agreed on the understanding that the access road is suitable for collection vehicles.


If you have a family member who produces additional non-hazardous medical waste, due to a medical condition, you may be entitled to an additional 140 litre bin for non-recyclable waste. Please complete a short application form for this service.

Arrangements can also be made for the collection and dispose of clinical waste by a specialist contractor. This service is usually requested by the local hospital or specialist nurse.

If prescribed by your GP, syringe needles should be returned in sharps containers to the prescribing doctor's practice for disposal.


Containers for newly built properties and residents new to Ryedale will normally be delivered within five working days of a request. Details of the containers we use and what goes in each are available here.

The cost of all containers supplied to new developments (5 or more properties) in the District will be recharged to the developer.


Damaged containers will be replaced, or repaired free of charge if the damage was the result of mishandling by collection crews, manufacture or life expectancy.

You may be charged for replacement or repairs for other damage and lost or stolen containers.

Apply for new/replacement waste equipment.


If collections have not been made due to severe weather, such as flooding or icy conditions, please leave your containers out and we will arrange for collection as soon as it is practical and safe to do so.

However, in cases of prolonged severe weather, we may have to alter collection patterns for various materials. Please visit to this website for up to date information when there are disruptions to regular services for reasons outside our control.


Details are on our Find your bin collection day webpage.


Companies offering confidential document destruction services in Ryedale include:

Always check with the company that they have a valid Environment Agency Waste Management License to handle this type of waste before entering into any agreement.

North Yorkshire County Council homepage.


For advice on the disposal of hazardous substances, please submit an Enquiry Form.

In some circumstances, the Council has an agreement with North Yorkshire County Council to arrange the collection and safe disposal of hazardous substances, directly from your home. For further information please visit North Yorkshire County Council's website.




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