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Garden waste subscription and payment


The garden waste subscription is now closed, the service will be launched again early next year. 

If you have already subsbribed for this year, your collections will continue as normal. Remember, there are no collections in December, January and February. There will be collections in March 2021.

If you have any garden waste during the winter months, when we don't do collections:

  • Leave to compost in your brown bin until collections restart in March
  • Have a go at home composting
  • Take to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (Skip site) free of charge

Please follow this link for details of any changes to our waste and recycling collection services during COVID-19.


resized licence bin 1920Visit our find your bin collection day page to check your collection day. The garden waste service is not affected by Bank Holiday Mondays.

If you choose to join the scheme, you will need to display a valid subscription card on your wheeled bin. A subscription card will be issued once payment has been received. You can apply by following the "Subscribe Here" link above.

The service costs £38 per bin, payable in advance. It is a non-refundable fixed cost for collections from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 (except December, January and February). If you would like more than one bin you will need to pay £38.00 for each additional bin (up to 31 October 2020). For details of what can go in your brown bin, please see here.

For residents using compostable liners instead of wheeled bins, you will only be able to subscribe online or by calling (01653) 600666.

If you do not have a brown bin at your property or need additional bins for the additional subscription cards purchased, please complete a request form for brown bin(s).

If you have not subscribed to the service and would like us to remove your unwanted brown bin, please complete the online form to arrange for it to be collected. Brown bins remain the property of the Council and at some point in the future may be collected from your property with prior notice.




Remember we will collect  No thanks
Grass cuttings Meat, fish, cooked food 
Windfalls (fruit from garden) Dog or cat wastes
Cut flowers/plants  Pre-treated wood 
Weeds, turf, hay and straw Stones and rubble
Hedge clippings  Disposable nappies 
Leaves and bark  General household rubbish 
Small branches, prunings   


Once payment has been received, you will be sent a confirmation letter (informing you that you have subscribed to the service) along with your subscription card. Your subscription card will need to be affixed to your bin to show the collection crew that you have paid to receive the service. Only your address will appear on the subscription card. Bins without current subscription cards will not be emptied. Please remember to have your bin/containers out ready for collection at 6am on your collection day.

Your subscription card will be delivered to you within 14 days of payment.


  • The garden waste subscription entitles you to use the fortnightly garden waste service from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 at the address shown on the subscription card. It is not an entitlement to a specific number of collections
  • Subscriptions made after 31 May 2020 may not be guaranteed
  • Please note: garden waste collection days will not be affected by Bank Holiday Mondays
  • The Council reserves the right to cancel collections in the event of severe weather
  • The Council may contact you in the future regarding your garden waste service
  • Collections will be suspended for the winter months of December, January and February
  • Wheeled bins remain the property of the Council
  • No refunds will be given
  • It is intended that the subscription card is non-transferable and only valid for the property for which it was originally purchased. For residents who are moving, the preferred cost effective option is to leave the subscription card for the new occupants. If this does not meet your individual circumstances, please contact us and arrangements will be made to cancel your current subscription and issue a new subscription card
  • The Council accepts no liability for lost, damaged or stolen subscription cards or bins. If your subscription card is lost, broken or stolen, contact us on (01653) 600666
  • Your collection day may change. If this happens you will receive prior notification

Garden waste subscription - your questions answered (PDF, 2 pages, 130kb)


This is the preferred option for dealing with small amounts of green organic waste from the kitchen and garden.

To buy a low-cost home compost container now, visit North Yorkshire County Council or call 0844 571 4444.

Please visit our recycling information page for alternative ways of disposing of your garden waste in the Ryedale area.

Garden waste should not be placed in your general refuse bin.



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