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Garden waste subscription and payment

We can collect your garden waste from your kerbside each fortnight, if you sign up to our garden waste kerbside collection service. Please keep your current plastic licence tag attached to your bin.

The garden waste service for 2020/2021 has resumed in March, with collections for that year’s subscriptions stopping on 31 March 2021.

Bin tag website 

A subscription for 2021/2022 costs just £38 per bin. The service for this year runs from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. We don’t run any collections during the winter months - December, January and February. 

If you experience trouble paying please check your bank account before trying again.








If you would like more than one bin, then you’ll need to pay £38 for each additional bin. After subscribing, if you need to arrange for an additional brown bin to be delivered please complete this form to request a garden waste bin(s) 

Reducing plastic waste

We have changed the service for 2021/2022 to reduce plastic waste. We will not be issuing new plastic tags to existing customers, so please keep the current green licence tag that you have attached to your brown bin. Subscribe every year as normal and keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

garden waste licence transparent

New tags will only be issued to new customers or customers who want additional bins.  Don’t worry if your tag has gone missing – subscribe as normal  - let us know and we will replace your lost card. 

Some residents need to use compostable liners as they haven’t got room to store a wheelie bin, or they live in a remote part of Ryedale where their garden waste is collected by a smaller van.  If you need to order liners please subscribe online or by calling 01653 600666.

If you have just a small amount of waste from your garden, then you can home compost it instead. Find out more about home composting 

If you have a brown bin you no longer require you can fill in this form to request for it to be removed

The garden waste we collect is disposed of at local farms, where it is composted and spread back on the local farm land. So, it’s a great service for you and for our environment. 

Sign up and pay

You can sign up to the garden waste service here. It should be quick and easy to do, but if you need any help, please call us on 01653 600666.

In the unlikely event you experience an issue with the payment, please check your bank account before applying again. 

What happens next?

If you are renewing, once payment is received you will receive a receipt. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase . You won’t receive a new green licence tag, so please keep your current one attached to your bin. . 

If you’re a new customer or an existing customer ordering additional bins – you should receive a green licence tag and confirmation letter within 14 days of paying. When they arrive, just attach the plastic licence tag to your brown bin using the cable tie provided. That shows our team that you’ve subscribed.

If you’re an existing customer and your green licence tag is missing from your bin – don’t worry – let us know and as long as you have a current subscription, we will issue you with a replacement.

If you use garden waste liners – once the payment has been received, we’ll deliver a supply of 76 liners to the property for which the subscription has been paid.  Up to four liners of garden waste can be presented at each collection. 

We’re sorry, but we can’t empty bins if you haven’t got a current subscription. 

Please remember to have your brown garden bin out ready for collection at 6am on your collection day. If you’re not sure when that is, you can check your bin collection day here. 

If you have any questions about the service, here are some useful FAQs. 

Here is a PDF version of the terms and conditions.

What goes in your garden waste collections

Remember we will collect: No thanks:
Grass cuttings Meat / fish / cooked food
Windfalls (fruit from your garden) Dog or cat waste
Cut flowers / plants Pre–treated wood
Weeds / turf / hay / straw Stones and rubble
Hedge clippings Disposable nappies
Leaves and bark General household rubbish
Small branches/prunings  

2021/2022 Terms & Conditions

  • The garden waste subscription entitles you to use the fortnightly garden waste service from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.  It is not an entitlement to a specific number of collections
  • Subscriptions made after 1 April 2021 may not be guaranteed
  • Please note - The garden waste service is not affected by Bank Holiday Mondays However, Good Friday, 2 April collection will be collected on Saturday 3 April instead.
  • The Council reserves the right to cancel collections in the event of severe weather
  • Collections will be suspended for the winter months of December, January and February
  • Wheeled bins remain the property of the Council
  • No refunds will be given
  • The licence is non-transferable and only valid for the property for which it was originally purchased. For residents who are moving within Ryedale, please contact us for advice regarding your garden waste subscription
  • The Council accepts no liability for lost, damaged or stolen licences or bins. If your licence is lost, broken or stolen complete the online form or contact us on (01653) 600666
  • Your collection day may change. If this happens you will receive prior notification
  • Please do not destroy or remove the current green licence from your bin. New licences will not be issued unless lost or damaged
  • Each brown bin presented for collection must have a green licence tag attached


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