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Noise pollution

The Council has powers to reduce noise levels in response to complaints. As well as complaints from commercial activities, complaints are also received from domestic properties.

Noise problems may arise from many different sources. Examples of the most common noise complaints include:

  • domestic noise from DIY, car repairs, loud televisions and music systems
  • loud music from a bar or a club
  • noise from a factory or other business premise
  • construction site noise

We do not deal with aircraft noise. Please contact the Ministry of Defence for military aircraft or the Civil Aviation Authority for civil aircraft.


Noise which may affect people in their homes and which could become a "statutory nuisance" should be avoided wherever possible. If you experience a noise problem, you may wish to make a friendly approach to the person(s) responsible, explain the nature of the problem and seek their co-operation in resolving the matter. In many cases noise problems can be resolved in this way.

However, this informal approach may not be successful. We recognise that you may feel unable to make a direct approach yourself and that in some circumstances such an approach could be inappropriate. We understand how annoying noise can be and we provide a service to help to resolve such problems. We can investigate a range of complaints concerning noise nuisance.

However, noise problems are not always the result of inconsiderate behaviour. Some homes have poor sound insulation and may not prevent even ordinary day-to-day 'living' noises being heard next door.


Audible intruder alarms are widely used to protect property from unauthorised entry and are often required by insurance companies. Burglar alarms that are sounding should be reported to the Police, so that evidence of criminal activity can be investigated. Unfortunately they can be subject to a fault in the system causing a noise problem for neighbours.

If an alarm is sounding for an extended period of time and it is found to be causing a statutory nuisance to local residents the Council will try to find the owner or occupier of the property. If this fails the Council can issue an abatement notice requiring the alarm to be silenced. If necessary the Council can carry out the works in default to silence the alarm by disconnecting it. If this action is required the owner or occupier will be liable for any costs incurred.

You can report a noise nuisance by submitting an Enquiry Form.



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