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Tourism business toolkit

We've created some resources to help you promote and develop your business and benefit from your location in Ryedale.

The North York Moors Tourism Network provides further resources for businesses in or near the North York Moors National Park.

We have a range of copyright free images for you to use without charge. You are welcome to use any of these photos but please credit the photographers - their name is included in the file name on every image.

Use of the images is under a royalty-free, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence, which means you are not receiving copyright to the images. The licence that governs your use of the images you download sets out, amongst other things, what the images can and can’t be used for.

We also need to reasonably control how our images are used by you, to ensure they are used only in a manner consistent with our aim of promoting tourism in Ryedale.

The licence terms include:

  1. You may only use the images to promote your business. This means you may only use them in your own promotional material or website. You may not use the images in business listings or adverts of any kind in any other third party website or publication.
  2. You are not permitted to send the images to anyone else, sell them or licence them to any other party.
  3. Ryedale District Council will not be liable for any loss costs claims or actions made against you in connection with your use of the images.
  4. Because we are not transferring copyright in the images to you it is vital that you only use the images under the terms of this licence.

Visit Ryedale toolkit for businesses on Flickr

Further images from across the North York Moors area can be found via the Moors & More Toolkit Flickr library.


The following five films are available to you to download and embed on your website and share to promote our wonderful area.






A range of research and surveys are found below to help you develop your tourism business in Ryedale.

The Economic Impact of Tourism on Ryedale 2018 report is commissioned by Ryedale District Council and undertaken by Tourism South East, examines the volume and value of tourism and the impact of visitor expenditure on the local economy in 2018 and provides comparative data against previously published data from 2017.

Key results for 2018

  • 5.59 million trips were undertaken
  • 5.2 million day trips
  • 0.39 million overnight visits
  • 1.2 million nights in the area as a result of overnight trips
  • £236.4 million spent by tourists during their visit to the area
  • £19.7 million spent on average in the local economy every month
  • £61.7 million generated by overnight visits
  • 174.7 million generated from day trips
  • £318.4 million spent in the local area as a result of tourism (taking into account multiplier effects)
  • 7,550 jobs supported, both for local residents and from those living nearby
  • 5,895 tourism jobs directly supported
  • 1,655 non-tourism related jobs supported (linked to multiplier spend from tourism)
  • 31.5% of population employed as a result of tourism in Ryedale

The full report can be downloaded here 2018 Tourism Annual Economic Impact Report (PDF, 16 pages, 489kb)

Additional research and surveys

QA Research carried out visitor surveys in Helmsley and Malton between August 2017 and March 2018. The aims of the research were to profile visitors and their visit to Ryedale, gauge motivations to visit and rate satisfaction of their visit. Key findings of the Ryedale Visitor Survey (PDF, 56 pages, kb)

The North York Moors Visitor Survey highlighted some interesting findings.

Visit Britain produce regular information about the size and value of the English tourism market. Also available are latest business performance trends or to find out who your visitors are and what they think.

It's now some years since the Regional Visitor Survey was undertaken but it's the most comprehensive Yorkshire-wide research to date, and some of the findings are still valid. Regional Visitor Survey (PDF, 39 pages, kb)



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