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Information for you as a Councillor

Key Roles. All Councillors will:

  1. collectively be the ultimate policy-makers and carry out the principal strategic and corporate management functions, taking a District wide view;
  2. engage with and represent their communities whose views they will bring into the Council‘s decision-making process;
  3. balance different interests identified within the Ward and represent the Ward as a whole;
  4. deal with individual casework and act as an advocate for constituents in resolving particular concerns or grievances;
  5. be involved in decision-making;
  6. be available to represent the Council on other bodies; and
  7. maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethics, and show respect for fellow Members, staff and the community.

Ward profiles

The Census Information page details Ryedale statistics taken from the Census and other sources.

Amotherby Ward Plan

Member contact details

Contact information for the current Members of the Council is available on the Council Members page of the website.

Notices of meetings

All meetings of the Council and Standing Committees are usually held on Thursdays at 6.30pm with the exception of Planning Committee, which is held on a Tuesday at 6.00pm. Working Parties are also held during the year and the Parish Liaison Committee is held twice a year at 7.00pm.

Agendas for meetings are despatched approximately one week before the meeting. Notification will be sent if timetabled meetings are cancelled or if extra meetings are to be convened.

Members will be sent an email weekly in advance summarising of meetings, committees, working groups and briefings that are to take place in the forthcoming week.

Committee timetable

The calendar of meetings is available online.

All Members are paid a standard annual allowance with additional allowances for those Members occupying positions such as Chairman of Committee. These allowances are automatically paid by BACS transfer to your bank account every month.

For other expenses, an electronic form will be sent to individual Members for completion at the end of every month.

In addition to claiming for attendance at committees and Council meetings, Members should also include on this claim form all allowances payable for attending meetings at outside organisations. If travelling by public transport please ensure you submit tickets and receipts as proof of expenditure.

The completed form should be returned by the 5th of the following month to enable payment to be made without undue delay. Payments will be made on the 23rd of each month direct to your bank account by BACS transfer.

If you haven’t already done so, it is very important to provide us with your bank account details and National Insurance Number to Business Improvement as soon as possible (complete Bank Details Form), otherwise this will delay your payment of your expenses.

If claims are not submitted regularly, particularly towards the end of the year, this will result in this expenditure being shown in the incorrect tax year (and the Council’s accounts will be affected).

The allowances which are payable are detailed at the end of this section. Subsistence allowances payable are also listed, however, Members should be aware that if a meal is provided by the Council then no subsistence allowance is payable.

Tax Allowances

An arrangement has been secured with the York 2 District of the Inland Revenue to permit you to claim an allowance each year for expenses incurred in the performance of your duty as a District Councillor. This allowance is over and above the normal married or single persons allowance within your tax calculation.

The total allowance is £330.00 per annum made up of

Household expenses £120.00
Phone   £60.00
Car £150.00

The Inland Revenue has requested that you make an individual claim to your local tax office for this allowance unless you have an arrangement already with the Revenue.

See below what to quote in a letter to your local tax office to claim this allowance.

Your tax reference

I wish to claim for an annual tax allowance as a result of my duties as District Councillor for Ryedale District Council. The amount I wish to claim is £330.00 per annum, made up as follows:

  • Household expenses £120.00
  • Phone £60.00
  • Car £150.00
I became a Councillor for Ryedale District Council on (Start date)
This allowance has been agreed between the District Council and North Yorkshire Area of the Tax Office (their reference 791/1368/46F)

If you have any queries or difficulties with your local tax office, please contact them directly.



 Basic Allowance Rate

This is a general allowance paid to all Councillors. All Councillors receive the same amount per annum. This allowance is paid automatically to each Councillor on a monthly basis.

 £3,852.24 per annum per councillor

Special Responsibility Allowances

These are special allowances paid to Councillors who hold positions with significant responsibilities over and above the general duties of an elected Member. Any such allowance is paid automatically to the relevant Councillor on a monthly basis.

The affected positions and sums payable are as follows:-

Leader of the Council £3,890.72 pa
Deputy Leader £575.40 pa
Chairman, Overview and Scrutiny Committee £3112.62 pa
Vice Chairman, Overview and Scrutiny Committee £575.40 pa
Chairman, Policy and Resources Committee £3112.62 pa 
Vice-Chairman, Policy and Resources Committee £575.40 pa 
Chairman, Planning Committee £3112.62 pa 
Vice Chairman, Planning Committee £575.40 pa
Group Leaders (4) £389.20 pa 

Mileage Allowance

This is an allowance paid in respect of mileage incurred by a Councillor in travelling to and from official Meetings and other approved duties.

The mileage allowance set by an independent Review Panel in 2003 was equivalent to the Inland Revenue Approved Mileage Allowance Payment Rates (AMAPs). The current rates are:-

Travel by motor car  40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles
25p each mile over 10,000
Travel by motor cycle 24p per mile (all miles) 
Travel by bicycle 20p per mile (all miles) 

Rates for Members attending meetings away from Ryedale House are as follows:



More than 4 hours away from residence before 11am.



More than 4 hours away from residence including between 12 noon and 2pm.



More than 4 hours away from residence after 6.30pm.

Evening Meal


More than 4 hours away from residence after 8.30pm.



Outside of London.



London only



London rates



London rates

Evening Meal


London rates

Out of Pocket Expenses allowances – training courses £5.70 per night; £22.86 per week

NB - Allowances are paid on the salary run on the 23rd of each month and it is requested that all claims for travel and subsistence are submitted by the 5th in order for them to be paid promptly into bank accounts.


The Local Government Association have put together a short 2016/17 Councillors' Guide

This guide is designed to provide you with the key information that you need to know as a new councillor. It explores some of the main issues and challenges facing local government today and includes hints and tips from experienced councillors.

The guide is designed to provide you with the key information that you need to know as a new councillor. It explores some of the main issues and challenges facing local government today and includes hints and tips from experienced councillors.

It focuses principally on the needs of newly-elected councillors, although more experienced councillors will find it useful too.

The guide explores things new councillors need to know at the start of their careers in public life. It:

  • discusses councillors’ roles and responsibilities as ward representatives
  • explains how councils work and how they are funded
  • examines the various checks and balances that regulate councils and councillors
  • stresses the importance of community leadership

Postal arrangements

The Councillor contact details [form] requests details regarding your postal address preferences for the receipt of Council related post, e-mails and telephone calls. In order to ensure that post reaches you in a timely way it is important to complete this as soon as possible.

Any post for Members that is not urgent will be placed in your individual pigeonholes, which are situated in the corridor outside the Members’ Room. If this is not be convenient, please let us know and we can arrange for everything to be posted to your preferred postal address. Post is usually sent out to Members’ on Fridays.

Internal Post Facilities

A wooden post-box is fixed to the wall outside the Members’ Room, adjacent to the Member pigeonholes. This post-box is for mail from Members to any member of staff or service area at the Council. The box is emptied daily and the contents distributed.

Members' Room

A room has been allocated for the use of Members for meetings (eg group meetings), to access information and for any Council business.

This room is equipped with desks and meeting tables and chairs; a telephone; a PC and printer; local newspapers; other local government or Council publications (eg Local Development Framework) and a hot drinks machine for your use. There is also a small library containing background reports and publications that may be referenced in committee reports and is also adjacent to pigeonholes for your post.

The entry doors are fitted with a security keypad.

If you need any assistance with any of the above, please let us know.

Room Bookings

All room bookings should be made via Reception.



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