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Information and communication technology



The Council uses the Modern.gov committee management system, which streamlines the committee process and is more efficient than a manual system.

Key benefits include;

  • the publication of agendas, reports, decision lists and minutes enabling all interested parties to view these documents online and immediately on publication (paper copies produced as required)
  • information about Councillors, including contact details, photographs, committee membership and the Committee Diary
  • production of a Forward Plan, which sets out items of business for future meetings
  • online publication of the Register of Interests
  • publication of detailed information on outside bodies
  • information about parish councils


A freephone number is available for Members' use. This number will take you straight to the Contact Centre where your call can be transferred to the appropriate officer.

0800 591714


Members are provided with an iPad to support their role as a Council Member. Technical support is available from the ICT helpdesk, or telephone 01653 600666 ext 229.


Why manage our performance?

The Council has developed a robust performance management framework which helps the Council and our communities know how well the Council is performing. In particular, it helps us to:

  • Understand whether we are achieving the goals of the organisation and the community
  • Prioritise what gets done and ensure there are resources to do it
  • Ensure that the Council provides value for money
  • Motivate and manage staff
  • Monitor satisfaction of service users and the wider community and improve our services in response

Why Pentana?

The internet-based Pentana Performance Management System brings together information such as performance indicators, projects, actions, risks, complaints and freedom of information requests. A traffic light system allow users to easily identify where we are performing well and areas for improvement.

The system:

  • Is accessible to all: Members, managers, staff and auditors
  • The reports generated from the system are publicly available
  • Provides accurate timely information
  • Provides improved accountability and transparency

If you need any help, please submit an Enquiry Form.


This website is the main communication vehicle for the Council. In addition to the wide range of information about the services we provide and the associated regulatory guidance, a growing number of interactive services are available too. Examples of these are as follows:

  • Bill payment options
  • Calculating benefits
  • Job applications
  • View and submit comments on planning applications
  • Accessing council minutes and agendas
  • Viewing consultations
  • Bin collection schedule look-up
  • Problem reporting

We also publish key media releases and social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are increasingly used to support the broadcasting of news and other information.


The website is structured around key information areas, which form the menus across the top of the home page, the contents of the "Top services" box and the icons on the Home Page and the search function at the top of each page.

To find an item you are interested in, we recommend the following procedure.

1. Check the menu sections
The contents of the "Top services" box and the icons on the Home Page represent the most commonly accessed of our web pages and services.

2. Search
The search facility is available on every page of the website and allows you to search by your choice of keywords for information on a specific subject. The search engine is re-indexed every day to remain current with new content.

3. A - Z of Services
The A - Z of Services section can be used to find information on individual services. This section is accessible using the A - Z of Services link in the main menu at the top of each page.

4. Navigation Drop-down Menus
The "Navigation" menu item in the main menu allows you to go to pages within each of the key information areas.

5. Site Map
This link is available from the lower site information menu on every page and shows a clickable map of the whole website.

Home page return
Should you wish to return to the homepage, click on the Council logo at the left of each page.

Acronyms and Symbols
New Picture= a PDF document to read on screen or to print. A number of interactive forms are available to complete online and return either electronically or to print and return when completed.
word= a Word or similar document to complete online and return either electronically or to print and return when completed.
Link = a link to a page or page bookmark on a webpage, an email link, or a contextual link to another website.

RDC = an abbreviation or acronym "tooltip" is available which, when you hover your mouse over it, the full text of the abbreviation or acronym pops up.

Please note:
Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to view and print PDF documents – this is a free application and can be downloaded from here

Parts of the site require a cookie to be placed on your computer. Cookies are simple text files which speed up the way your computer interacts with our website. Cookies from the Council are not dangerous and should be 'allowed' if prompted to do so when visiting the website.

Providing feedback
All feedback is welcome and can be submitted using the online form available here

Requesting Support
If you're still unable to find the information you require or if further assistance is required, please contact the IT Help Desk or telephone 01653 600666 ext 229.



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