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Parish Council Election

Notice of Election of Parish and Town Councils (PDF, 90 pages, 384kb)


The next Local Government elections for the Ryedale District will be held on 2 May 2019. Guidance for candidates and agents is available on the Electoral Commission website.

Briefing for candidates and agents by the Electoral Commission. (PDF, 33 pages, 491kb)

Candidates' and Agents' Briefing for District and Parish/Town Council Elections 2019

This nomination pack is for use by candidates who are standing at a parish council election in England on or after 2 May 2019.

You must print off the forms in this pack before submitting them.

The following papers must be delivered by hand:

1a: Nomination paper
1b: Home address form
1c: Candidate’s consent to nomination

The following papers can be delivered by hand or by post:

2: Certificate of authorisation
3: Request for a party emblem

The notice of election published by the Returning Officer will specify the times and exact location to which nomination papers must be delivered.

Ensure that where signatures are required, you submit the original signed version of each completed paper. Documents without original signatures cannot be accepted.

Nomination pack Parish Council election (PDF, 21 pages, 303kb) includes:

  1. Nomination pack including election agent notification form P and C
  2. Register request form generic
  3. Absent voters list request form
  4. Candidate contact details
  5. Nominations pack - election timetable - District and Parish Elections 2019

Expenses form Parish Council election (PDF, 10 pages, 366kb) includes one document.

Elector statistics by register (PDF, 5 pages, 61kb)

Occupied households per parish (PDF, 4 pages, 137kb)

The District of Ryedale is divided into 121 Parishes of which 91 Parishes are large enough to have their own Parish Councillors. The remaining Parishes hold regular Parish Meetings.

Every Parish must have an annual Parish Meeting, which all Local Government electors for the Parish are entitled to attend. Elections for Parish/Town Council Elections are held at the same time as District Elections and Parish/Town Councillors are elected for a term of four years.

For guidance from the Electoral Commission for Candidates and Agents, please see here.

The results for Parish elections 2015 are available here.





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