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The Council particularly welcomes petitions as one way in which you can let your concerns be known. How we will respond to petitions is set out below.


What is a petition?

  • A petition is a formal written request signed by many people appealing in this case to a local authority for some action in respect of a particular cause
  • The Council treat as a petition any communication which is signed by or sent to us on behalf of a number of people who live, work or study in the District of Ryedale
  • You are able to submit and sign a petition here on the website


A petition should include:

  • A clear statement of your concerns and what you want the authority to do. This must relate to something which is the responsibility of the authority, or over which the authority has some influence. Where a petition relates to a matter which is within the responsibility of another public authority, the Council will ask the petition organiser whether s/he would like the petition redirecting to that other authority. Where a petition relates to a matter over which the authority has no responsibility or influence, the petition will be returned to the petition organiser with an explanation for that decision
  • The name and contact details of the "petition-organiser" or someone to whom you would like any correspondence about the petition to be sent. Contact details may be either a postal address or an email address
  • The names of at least 100 petitioners (which can include the petition organiser) who live, work or study in the District of Ryedale. Where the petition is in paper form, this should include an actual signature from each petitioner. Where the petition is in electronic form, a list of the names of the petitioners will suffice. You should include the addresses of petitioners. If you want your petition to be debated at a meeting of the Council ("A Petition for Debate"), or to trigger a public meeting of an Overview and Scrutiny Committee at which a specific officer will be required to report ("A Petition to hold an Officer to Account"), your petition will need to contain a higher number of signatories or petitioners. See Petitions - a step by step guide (PDF, 6 pages, 177kb)
  • If you are submitting the petition in response to our consultation on a specific matter, please identify the matter to which it relates, so that the Council can ensure that your petition is considered along with original matter


Where you submit a paper petition in response to consultation by the authority, please address it to the return address set out in the consultation invitation. This will ensure that it is reported at the same time as the matter to which it relates is considered.

The Council has nominated a Petitions Officer, who is responsible for receiving, managing and reporting all other petitions sent to the authority. Please address paper petitions to:

The Petitions Officer
Democratic Services
Ryedale District Council
Ryedale House
Old Malton Road
North Yorkshire
YO17 7HH

The Petitions Officer will ensure that receipt of your paper petition is acknowledged to the petition organiser and that paper petitions are entered on the Council's petitions webpage and that the website is regularly up-dated with information on the progress of your petition. The Petitions Officer can also provide you with advice about how to petition the authority or the progress of your petition, at either of the above address or by telephone at 01653 600666.

When you submit an e-petition, the Petitions Officer will acknowledge receipt of your petition and check the details with you, before it goes live on the Council's webpage. Once the e-petition has closed, the Petitions Officer will update you with the progress of your petition and ensure the website is regularly updated.

Further information is available on the Petitions Scheme (PDF, 8 pages, 234kb).


Current epetitions can be found on our petitions page.


Petitions 2015/2016

1. An ordinary petition was received on 14 July 2015 with 444 signatures, stating:

Petition against "High Malton"

"We the undersigned ask that Ryedale District Council reject the Fitzwilliam Estate application for 500 houses on land North of Castle Howard Rd and South of Middlecave Rd (14/00678/MOUT) due to substantial concerns such as:

  • High traffic impact, on congestion, queueing and air quality in Malton, especially Yorkersgate, Butcher Corner, Castle Howard Rd, Middlecave Rd and Horsemarket Rd
  • High visual impact, on the countryside, AONB, footpaths and nearby properties
  • High uncertainty in this outline only application in amounts/location of retail and commercial development, and amounts/location of high rise buildings, where open space will be, where access will be, consequent lack of guarantee of how much traffic or visual impact there will be, lack of a building design tied to the application leading to uncertainty of what any of the development would really look like in practice
  • Highly prejudicial to the development of a Neighbourhood Plan, which would give local residents a say in where they think housing should go in Malton and Norton"

This petition will be reported to a meeting of the Planning Committee at a date to be confirmed.

2. An ordinary petition was received on 9 July 2015 with 46 signatures, stating:

Residential Development 15/00627/MOUT

"We the undersigned urge the Planning Committee to reject the proposed residential development due to the concerns of the local residents.

The proposed site is located in Flood Zone 2 - Land having 1 in 100 or greater annual probability of flooding. This flood zone does not take into consideration the possible impact of climate change and consequent changes of future probability of flooding.

The proposed development is deemed to be "Backland" - meaning that it would adversely affect the neighbouring properties; thus eroding the individual quality and character of the areas residential character.

The proposed access through the residential area will lead to an unacceptable volume of traffic congestion, impacting on the health and safety of the residents in the area.

Provision for parking areas for at least an extra 23 vehicles with the possibility of being at least 46 extra vehicles has not been considered. There is already considerable difficulties with over-parking within the established residential site, Lakeside.

The proposed access will substantially impact on the safety of the children who use the "public right of way" pathway (located across the proposed access) to walk to school safely, along a pathway that leads to a safe crossing area for both Primary and Secondary aged children."

This petition will be reported to a meeting of the Planning Committee on 18 August 2015.

Petitions 2014/2015

An ordinary petition was received on 19 January 2015 with 1017 signatures, stating:

"We, the undersigned, demand that Ryedale District Council publicly oppose fracking and all other forms of unconventional fossil fuel extraction in the District of Ryedale, and that this anti-fracking position should be reflected in all consultations with the North Yorkshire County Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority."

This petition was reported to a meeting of Full Council, on Tuesday 17 February 2015 at 6.30pm at The Milton Rooms, Market Place, Malton, YO17 7LX. The agenda and the minutes for this meeting are available here.



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