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Website Statistics

The Ryedale District Council web team is committed to ensuring this website is consistently available and information about user numbers and website usage is provided to our customers.

The following statistics are collected using Google Analytics. We collect three types of metric currently:

  • Sessions: read the definition
  • Users: read the definition
  • Pageviews: a pageview is an instance of a page being loaded by a browser. The Pageviews metric is the total number of pages viewed; repeated views of a single page are also counted.

Website statistics will be updated on a monthly basis.

All charts are interactive so you can move your cursor over the charts to see data points. In the first chart in each section you can use the range selector in the lower pane to isolate parts of the data for any continuous period down to one month (nb the chart heading will show, for example, 01/11/2014 but this represents the data for the whole of that month).

Background to the statistics 

There have been a number of changes to the Council's website presence over the period of the analysis, notably the use of third party portals (sub-domains) for democratic information and reporting, planning applications and the planning register, online forms, e-payments, Ryedale tourism and Building Control, the statistics for which have not previously been aggregated here. These changes account for the decline, particularly, in pageviews to the end of 2011.

However, statistics for the portals are now being collected from May 2015 and these will be shown here as they become available. Once they are substantially available, they will all be aggregated.

1a Main website ryedale.gov.uk: monthly data since January 2008


1b Main website ryedale.gov.uk: moving average chart

This chart shows the average of the past three month's figures, intended to smooth the data slightly. The first average is March 2008.


1c Main website ryedale.gov.uk: annualised statistics

Totalled and reported at the end of each calendar year.


 2a Planning portal: monthly data since May 2015


3a Ryedale Plan website ryedaleplan.org.uk: monthly data since September 2014


4a eDemocracy portal: monthly data since May 2015


5a Visit Ryedale Tourism portal monthly data since August 2013




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