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kirk theatre bannerThe Creative Economy has been recognised as an important economic driver in Ryedale.  Our Economic Plan, (available to download below) sets out the Council's interest in developing the sector further.

We believe that this sector is important to our residents' quality of life and also in enhancing our visitors' experience. A significant number of people are employed in this sector – many in small or micro-enterprises – and it generates important inward investment to the area.

The Council offers support to the arts and heritage sectors through the work of the Creative Economy Officer. This includes business support and development, advice and help with sourcing and applying for grants and other funding opportunities, including seeking support from the Arts Council. If you would like to know more about this work, or would like help or support for your own business, group or organisation, please contact the Creative Economy Officer.

There is a creative economy budget which is used to commission activity on an annual basis. A number of small and pilot commissions can also be funded each year through an open process. If you think you might be interested in applying for a small/pilot commission, please get in touch with the Creative Economy Officer, who will be able to guide you through the process.

Each commission must deliver on the current objectives for the development of the Creative Economy in Ryedale. These are:

  • Working towards the concept of 'hubs' for creative economy activity in Ryedale, with potential to develop this at existing centres in the north and south of the District. The provision of a virtual hub should also be progressed.
  • A greater link between the creative and visitor economy should be sought, to improve the economic benefit of arts and heritage to the locality.
  • Support should be provided for creative individuals, businesses and enterprises to foster business growth.
  • Support should be provided to allow social enterprises to develop new audiences (contributing to economic sustainability moving forward).
  • A small-scale grant scheme should continue, to provide support for new, innovative projects or pump priming projects.
  • Enterprises are encouraged to work collaboratively to improve joint action and reduce duplication.

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