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Home renovation grants

Information regarding grants available for energy efficiency improvements and for landlords.

Energy Efficiency Grants (EEG)

This grant is to help people alleviate fuel poverty by helping with the cost of loft, cavity wall insulation and upgrading heating systems to meet the Decent Homes Standard.


To be eligible for EEG assistance you must normally:

  • Be in receipt of income related benefits or a low income
  • For help with heating, you must own your own home, your dwelling must be in Council Tax band A, B or C and the existing heating system must be beyond repair.
  • For help with loft or cavity wall insulation an owner or tenant can apply
  • Have lived in the property for 3 years or more

What type of work will normally be grant aided?

Improved insulation measures:

  • Insulation to the roof space
  • Draught proofing to windows and outside doors
  • Insulation to the hot water cylinder
  • Insulation using polybeads for non– traditional cavity walls

Improvements to heating systems:

  • Provision of gas, electric, oil or other central heating system with boiler and up to 5 radiators, including all pipe work.
  • Repairs to the existing heating system.
  • Conversion or alteration of a solid fuel open fire or stove

Who decides how much will be paid?

  • The cost of the works is based on competitive estimates and will be assessed by the Council.
  • Grant aid is available for 100% of the qualifying works of up to £6,500.
  • What if the work costs more than the maximum grant?
  • Any costs above the maximum allowed will be for the applicant to pay.

What if I'm not eligible?

Your details will be referred to a nominated contractor for advice

For further information please contact Housing Services or telephone 01653 600666.

Landlord Improvement Grant

Landlord Grants are discretionary forms of assistance designed to provide practical help by means of a grant for renovation/repair work to ensure the property complies with the Decent Homes Standard and for the installation of fire precautions or the provision of the required amenities.

These grants have been designed to provide practical help to renovate and improve empty properties and Houses in Multiple Occupation, to ensure that properties are habitable and rendered fit for occupation.

Who can apply?

  • Owners of empty properties and Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Be over 18
  • Have an owners interest in the property
  • Have a duty/power to carry out the works
  • Properties must be over 10 years old
  • In the case of an empty property, it needs to have been empty for 6 months or more.

What aid is available?

Grant assistance will be available at a rate of 50% of the cost of eligible works, subject to a maximum grant of £15,000.

If the applicant can prove that the property has been empty for 2 years or more then the VAT is calculated at 5% of the cost of the works.

What types of work are covered?

  • Undertaking any necessary repairs and improvements
  • Provision of fire precautions
  • Have reasonable and sufficient modern facilities
  • Energy efficiency measures

Are there conditions?

The applicant will be required to enter into a five year agreement with the Council which requires that:

  • The property will be available for rent for the 5 year agreement period at an affordable level;
  • The Council is given 100% tenancy nomination rights for the 5 year agreement period.
  • A local land charge is place on the property for 5 years or until full repayment
  • An administration fee of 7.5% will be charged and included in the grant.

Will a survey be required?

As part of the grant, Council Officers will undertake a survey of the property and provide the applicant with a list of works, which it will be necessary to carry out in order to qualify for the grant.

Is the grant repayable?

If the owner sells the property within the 5 year period, the owner will be required to repay the grant monies to the Council in full.

What happens after 5 years?

Five years is the period for which the grant conditions apply. At the end of this time the nomination rights revert to the applicant and there are no longer any applicable conditions.

There are limited finances available for assistance each year, and all enquiries are dealt with in date order.

Please note that you will not normally receive any assistance if you start work before the Council approves your application.

You should also make sure that you separately secure any planning or building regulation approvals that may be required.

For further information please contact Housing Services or telephone 01653 600666.


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