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Housing benefit current claim

Review of housing benefit for an existing customer usually as a result of a change of circumstances (new job, change of address etc.)

You must tell us straight away, in writing, if there is a change in your, or any member of your household's circumstances as it may effect you benefit entitlement.completing form

Even a small change may affect how much money we can pay you. If you don't tell us straight away, it might affect the amount of benefit that you are receiving.

Further details can be found in our reporting a change in circumstances leaflet.

If you are unable to write immediately, you should telephone first and then write or email and confirm as soon as possible. Please remember you must also send us proof of your new circumstances. You can also download the Change of circumstances form to complete and return as soon as possible.

What happens if you do not tell us immediately

If you do not tell us within one calendar month of all changes, and you are entitled to more benefit, your claim can only be reassessed from the Monday after the date we receive them.

If you are entitled to less benefit, your claim can only be reassessed from the Monday after the date of your change. This will mean you have been paid too much benefit and this overpayment will need to be repaid.

If you need further advice please contact the Benefits Services, Ryedale House, Old Malton Road, Malton YO17 7HH or telephone 01653 600666 ext 600 or email Benefits Services.

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