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Council tax support renewal

Local authorities may review the circumstances of anyone who is currently receiving housing and council tax benefit by issuing a change in circumstances form or by carrying out a visit.

Council Tax Support is paid for as long as a person is entitled. We will not ask you to renew your claim each year, so it is important that you keep us up-to-date with your household, income and capital details. However, there may be changes in the amount of the entitlement, due to changes of circumstances.

For further information see the Council tax support current claim page on this site.

Although you do not have to renew your claim each year, we may contact you to conduct an in-claim review of your support.  This means that we will ask you to provide information about your circumstances and up to date proof of your income and capital. Your claim may be reviewed at any time, and it is important that you provide the information that we ask for so that you continue to get the right amount of support.

We may review your claim by post or in person by visiting you. If we contact you to arrange a visit, we will tell you the officer who will be visiting, and try to arrange a convenient time. If you have any queries, please contact us on 01653 600666 ext 600 or email Benefits Services.

Entitlement to support ends when:

  • a person moves to another address outside the Ryedale area;
  • a person dies or when they are no longer entitled to a benefit for some other reason.

When a person moves to another address in the Ryedale area they should inform the Revenues and Benefits Services on 01653 600666 or email Revenues Services or Benefits Services.


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