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What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary group in the UK.  The principle behind Neighbourhood Watch is simple - getting together with your neighbours, looking out for one another by keeping an eye on each others property, being alert to suspicious activity and reporting to the Police can help cut local crime.

Aims of Neighbourhood Watch

Improve home security

Reduce crime and the opportunities for crime

Reduce the fear of crime especially among the vulnerable

Encourage neighbourliness and community spirit

Increase and encourage vigilance

Promote effective communication

Ensure all suspicious and criminal activity are reported to the Police

How do Neighbourhood Watch Schemes Work?

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can cover a whole village, an estate or just a few houses depending what is appropriate or works in your neighbourhood.  The scheme is generally led by a co-ordinator who helps members work together to achieve the aims.  The co-orindators are registered with the Police on the Community Messaging system and will receive up to date crime information to pass on to neighbours.  They will also pass any information received back to the Police.  This information sharing is vital to the proven success of schemes.  It is your scheme and your local knowledge teamed with the operational support of the Police which is a powerful tool against crime and the fear of crime.

For more information visit Ryedale Neighbourhood Watch and Rural Watch www.ryedalenhwa.co.uk

or contact North Yorkshire Police Safer Neighbourhood Area Telephone 101 or Email your Safer Neighbourhood Area

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