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Tree preservation orders

Current consultations on Tree Preservation Orders


Trees may be protected under planning law in three ways; by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or because they are located within a conservation area, or by a restrictive Planning Condition. This protection makes it an offence to carry out any work to a protected tree or wilfully damage or destroy a protected tree, without the planning authority's permission . Consequently the Council's permission is required to carry out any works such as pruning, felling or works which disturbs and causes damage to the roots of a protected tree.

Tree Preservation Orders; to undertake work to a tree subject to Tree Preservation Order (TPO) it is necessary to obtain the consent of the Local Planning Authority. Applications to undertake work to a tree subject to a TPO must be submitted on line via the planning portal or in writing using the downloadable form available at the bottom of this page

Trees subject to a planning condition; to carry out works to a tree, which is the subject of a restriction imposed by a planning condition, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the Local Planning Authority. To apply for a variation of the planning condition, it is mandatory to use the forms at this link.

In addition to the restrictions imposed by planning law, in some instances the felling of trees may require a felling licence. If you intend to fell any tree or trees that will amount to over 5 cubic metres of timber, you may require permission from the Forestry Commission. Even if the trees are protected under TPO or within a conservation area the first point of contact should be the Forestry Commission. Please Note: this requirement does not apply to trees within gardens.


An application for consent to the cutting down, topping, lopping or uprooting of any tree subject to a Tree Preservation order can be made in writing to the Local Planning Authority using a form published by the Secretary of State for that purpose or can be made electronically, on a form published electronically by the Secretary of State.

Please read the Guidance for works to trees subject to a TPO or within a conservation area (PDF, 5 pages, 97kb) to ensure that you have included everything required;

Application for works to trees subject to a TPO or within a conservation area (PDF, 4 pages, 711kb)

Hedgerow removal - guidance (PDF, 2 pages, 24kb)

Hedgerow removal - application (PDF, 3 pages, 534kb)


Tree Preservation Order register September 2016 (PDF, 22 pages, 266kb)

Help and guidance to successfully care for trees is available in our document, Trees: Frequently asked questions (PDF, 4 pages, 92kb)

Trees in relation to construction recommendations (PDF, 1 page, 17kb)

Tree information when buying a home (PDF, 2 pages, 66kb)

Supplementary planning guidance - landscaping on development sites (PDF, 20 pages, 4204kb)

Information on British Standard 5837 (PDF, 1 page, 21kb)

Advice note - description of tree work (PDF, 1 page, 243kb)

Application for approval of details reserved by condition (PDF, 8 pages, 1877kb)



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