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Planning decision notices

We are required to issue a formal decision notice on all planning applications. Notices should clearly state whether planning permission is granted or refused and should also provide the applicant with information on how to appeal any decision.

To view details on applications and associated documents, including decision notices, visit our View or comment on a planning application page.


Statutory regulations require that a planning application is determined in eight weeks. Once your application is in the system, consultations and notifications will be made. Anyone contacted directly or indirectly by this process can make comments on your proposal, of either a positive or negative nature.

A planning decision can be made by delegated powers, normally relating to minor and non-contentious planning matters, or by the Planning Committee. Schemes for the delegation of planning decisions vary and you should enquire with the Planning Officer dealing with your application if such a scheme applies in your case, and how it is exercised.

Where the Planning Committee determines a planning application, the Officer's report and recommendation will be included in the Committee agenda papers for the relevant meeting and will be in the public domain for five clear working days prior to the meeting. You should be aware of the recommendation proposed by the Planning Officer either by prior contact or by consulting the Committee papers. This provides a final opportunity to make contact with the Council if you consider that particular aspects of your proposal have been misunderstood or misrepresented, or that particular consultation responses need further comment.

The Councillors who sit on the Planning Committee have considerable experience and training in dealing with applications. Whether the Planning Officer or the Planning Committee makes the decision, your application will eventually be considered for approval or refusal and the outcome will be sent to you in the shape of a formal decision letter. This will set out the references to the proposal and establish the reasons why it has been approved or refused.



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