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Advertisement control

Planning permission is required for certain types of advertisements and advertisements in specified areas. Copies of a Direction made under the relevant legislation must be kept open to inspection.

The document below provides national, local and supplementary planning guidance and policy on the subject of advertisements, signs and the design of shopfronts

Advertising is deliberately conspicuous and can have a considerable impact on the visual amenity of both rural and town centre areas. The District Council considers that it is essential that great care and attention is given to all advertisement proposals.

Single advertisements by themselves may not be unduly harmful, but the impact of a number of brash or similarly inappropriate displays can be very detrimental.

Oversized and poorly designed signs can detract from the general quality of the environment, deface the building to which they are fixed, present a confused picture to passers-by and may cause road safety problems.

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Shop front design and signs (PDF, 21 pages, 1199kb)

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