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Our Ryecare 24:7 call-centre service is continuing to operate, and we are undertaking welfare calls to Ryecare customers and others in the community.

The Council is playing a key role in a multi-agency effort to provide “shielding” services for the most vulnerable people in our society - especially those who have been recently discharged from NHS care and who need extra support. Some aspects of this important new service are still under development but this will be a growing part of our work in the coming months and we will be diverting resources into this area as necessary.


Staying independent at home (Lifeline Service)

The Ryecare Lifeline service makes it easier to stay independent at home. The call alarm service will provide you with peace of mind that help is always here when you need it.

The Ryecare Lifeline service is run by Ryedale District Council and is monitored by a dedicated lifeline control centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Depending on your personal circumstances you will be provided with a Lifeline unit which connects to the telephone socket and a pendant to wear either around your neck or as a bracelet. This is worn when you are at home as the equipment has a range of 50 metres from the unit. 

When you need help you press the red button on either device and it will go straight through to our control centre. The advisor will then contact somebody on your behalf, this could be: family member, friend, a doctor or the emergency services depending on the incident. 

Ryecare can send a responder if your nominated emergency responders are unable or cannot attend. There will, however, be an additional cost for this service.

Download a Ryecare leaflet (PDF, 4 pages, kb)


The service is available to anyone, in any type of property, who would like to feel safer and independent in their own home.

The service can help benefit:

  • People of any age who live alone and need extra help
  • Infirm or disabled people
  • People who have been discharged from hospital and need extra support in their home
  • People living with a medical condition
  • People at risk of domestic violence, race harassment, repeat victimisation or distraction burglary
  • People at risk of rogue traders
  • People living in isolated rural remote areas for added reassurance


The cost of this service will depend on the type of support you require.

Please note: all of the charges are subject to VAT at 20% unless you are VAT exempt (VAT exempt includes people who are chronically sick or disabled).

Charges 2021/22:

The emergency response service which includes contacting your nominated contacts when help is needed costs £5.72 per week.

In the event that your nominated responder isn’t available we will provide a responder for you. This is charged at £50 per callout plus £25 per hour or part thereof.

Additional services

In addition to the original unit and pendant, you may choose to add extra equipment such as fall detectors and smoke alarms. The additional alarms and detectors will alert the control centre the moment they go off. This is in case you cannot get to the red button.

Additional equipment and charges include:

Smoke alarm - Raises an instant alarm if smoke is detected.

Cost: £1.04 per week

Temperature extreme sensor - Detects low, high or rapid rate of rise of temperature within a property and raises an alert.

Cost: £1.02 per week

Flood detector - It provides an early warning by raising an alert of potential flood situations in the home.

Cost: £1.02 per week

Carbon monoxide detector - It warns of dangerous carbon monoxide levels within a property allowing the appropriate action to be taken.

Cost: £1.58 per week

Fall detector - It automatically detects a serious fall and raises an alert. It can also be used as a personal trigger.

Cost: £2.24 per week

Paying for the Lifeline:

Once you have decided which services you would like to purchase our Community Team Officers will contact to make an appointment, set up a Direct Debit for the quarterly payments and install relevant equipment.

Combination costs per quarter:

Lifeline + smoke detector = £87.88
Lifeline + 1 weekly wellbeing call = £87.36
Lifeline + falls detector = £103.48
Lifeline + smoke and falls detector = £117.00
Lifeline with two smoke detectors = £101.40


To apply for Lifeline, please complete the application form.

A Community Team Officer will be in contact with you once the application has been made to discuss the service and arrange a home visit. Any equipment you requested will be fitted on the time of the visit.

To set up Lifeline you will need:

  • Details of at least two emergency contacts such as next of kin, a neighbour or a friend. These will be contacted if an emergency occurs
  • Your doctor’s name and address
  • Any relevant medical information

Cancelling Lifeline service:

If you want to cancel you existing Lifeline service, please let us know in writing.

For more information contact:

Email Ryecare

Phone the 24 hour service: 01653 697737.



 To request further information about the lifeline service, please call 01653 600666 ext 43285.




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