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Help for rough sleepers

What is the council doing to help people who sleep rough?

If you or someone you know is sleeping rough, please submit an Enquiry Form to the Housing Options Team to make an appointment to see a duty officer. The officer will fully assess the persons needs and situation and give advice about their options and also link them up with other support agencies in the area who may be able to assist and support them.

no second nightNo Second Night Out

We work in partnership with neighbouring authorities in North Yorkshire to deliver the Single Homeless: No Second Night Out (NSNO) Action Plan.

The No Second Night Out Principles are:-

  1. New rough sleepers are identified and helped off the streets immediately so they do not fall into a dangerous rough sleeping lifestyle
  2. Members of the public play an active role in reporting and referring people sleeping rough
  3. Rough sleepers are helped to access a place of safety where their needs can be quickly assessed and they can receive advice on their options
  4. They are able to access emergency accommodation and other services, such as healthcare, if needed
  5. People from other areas should be re-connected back to their local community unless there is a good reason not to do so
  6. Offer of accommodation
    Within 7 days of the assessment taking place, we will try to find suitable accommodation for the rough sleeper, if they are still in need of accommodation and willing to work with our service and support services. The accommodation may be in Ryedale or elsewhere depending on the individuals' needs, local connection, support network and the availability of accommodation. We will make a Single Service Offer in writing and may provide assistance to take up that offer through sub-regional funding.

In Ryedale there are very few people who sleep rough, however we provide advice and assistance for anyone sleeping rough and will support them into settled accommodation.  This plan outlines the projects and resources provided to address rough sleeping. Our offer to tackle rough sleeping in the district is shown below:-

1. Identifying rough sleepers
The Housing Options Team works with local agencies to raise awareness of how to get help for someone sleeping rough. The team can be contacted on the main council number 01653 600666 during office hours or through our out of hours emergency contact number 01653 697737 or by contacting Streetlink on 0300 500 0914

2. Completing a needs assessment
We will normally offer an interview at the council building in Malton but alternative venues throughout the district can be arranged. We will try to carry out the interview the next working day if at all possible.

3. Provide emergency accommodation
We do not have a direct access hostel in Ryedale but our housing options staff may be able to find suitable emergency accommodation.

4. Provide information, advice and support
We will offer a full assessment, give housing options advice and refer all rough sleepers for housing related support and any other support that may meet their individual needs. We may be able to offer assistance to access private rented accommodation and assistance to apply for social housing.

5. Assistance with reconnection
Where a rough sleeper has no local connection to Ryedale we can support them to reconnect with another district in the United Kingdom or abroad. We follow the guidelines provided by HomelessLink Reconnections Toolkit.

6. Assistance in bad weather
We have a SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) which we follow if severe weather conditions are forecast. This enables us to provide emergency shelter for a short period of time for a rough sleeper to keep them safe, whether or not they have a local connection to Ryedale.

The Council is signed up to the York and North Yorkshire No Second Night Out Pledge which is an initiative designed to provide support to rough sleepers to help them off the streets. Funds are available to provide bespoke support and help people who have been sleeping rough to find settled accommodation.

For more information, visit Street Link or telephone 0300 500 0914.

No Second Night Out sub-regional protocol (PDF, 6 pages, 220kb)


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