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Council tax - information about your bill

Council tax is payable on most domestic dwellings and is charged by the local authority to pay for the services it provides. There will be one bill per dwelling, whether it is a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette, mobile home or houseboat and whether it is owned or rented.

The amount you pay in Council Tax is set for a full financial year which runs from April to March. We make a decision on the level of Council Tax at our Full Council meeting in February each year.

On Thursday, 18 February 2021 Ryedale District Council set a Council Tax Band 'D' of £1,961.88 for those parts of its area to which no Parish Precepts or Special Expenses apply and is allocated as shown in the table below.

Council Tax Band D (excluding Parish and Special Expenses) 2021/2022

Ryedale District Council £205.63
North Yorkshire County Council £1270.74
North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner £271.06
North Yorkshire County Council Adult Social Care £140.31
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue £74.14
TOTAL £1961.88


Council Tax is split into bands, based on the market value of the property at 1 April 1991 and is set by the Council each year based on the Band D figure, and all other bands are proportionate to this.

Search for the Council Tax band for your property.

Council tax charges by parish 2021/22 (PDF, 3 pages, 178kb)

Instalments: Council Tax payers who wish to spread their payments over 12 months may do so upon request. Please contact Revenues and Benefits Services as soon as you receive your bill to arrange this. Please note, any request to pay over 12 instalments must be made on or before 14 April of the relevant financial year.

If you have any other queries with your new bill, please contact us via our range of online forms.


You'll usually get your Council Tax bill in March, sent by post and you will have a number of options for paying the bill. Your first instalment will be due for payment on 1 April. Your Council Tax bill shows the amount of each instalment and the date when each one should be paid. Unless otherwise requested, your bill will be payable in 10 monthly instalments. However other payment frequencies are available including the option to pay over 12 monthly instalments. Please note that the number of instalments will be lower if the bill is issued after the 15th April of the respective financial year.


directdebit logo

For information on methods of payment please see How to Pay or, if you wish to pay by Direct Debit, please complete the online Direct Debit application or telephone Revenues Services on 01653 600666. Please ensure you have your bank details to hand when you call.


You may also appeal if you consider that you are not liable to pay Council Tax, for example because you are not the resident or owner, or because your property is exempt; or that Ryedale District Council has made a mistake in calculating your bill. If you wish to appeal on these grounds you must first write to us stating your grievance so that we can check your details.

Making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of Council Tax owing in the meantime. If your appeal is successful you will be entitled to a refund of any overpaid Council Tax. Further details on the appeals procedures (including the role of valuation tribunals) may be obtained from Ryedale District Council.


You should bear in mind that all Council Tax valuations are based on the property's value as at 1 April 1991. Any increase or decrease in a dwelling's value due to housing market fluctuations since 1991 will not affect the banding.

The Council Tax is a charge made up of two elements.  A percentage of the charge relates to the property itself and the remainder of the charge relates to the people in the property. When you receive your Council Tax bill if you consider that your property should be placed in a higher or lower band you can appeal. You should write to the Listing Officer (not Ryedale District Council) making a proposal that the band should be altered.

You may only appeal within 6 months of first becoming a Council Tax payer at a dwelling or if there has been a material change in circumstances (such as demolition of part of the building). You should appeal to: The Listing Officer, Council Tax North, Valuation Agency, Earle House, Colonial Street, HULL HU2 8JN. Telephone number 03000 501501 or email the Valuation Agency.

The Council may only amend the valuation list when advised by the Listing Officer.

Other reasons for band reductions

The valuation of a property is based upon property values as at 1 April 1991 - recent purchase prices are therefore not necessarily the best evidence. There are only limited occasions when taxpayers can challenge their banding, these include:

  • after demolition/conversions of houses to flats
  • physical changes in the locality affecting value
  • and within six months of:
    • a band change to your property made by the Listing Officer
    • a band change to a similar property to yours made by the Court
    • becoming a new taxpayer

Your Council Tax bill will state which band applies to your dwelling and will also show the percentage change for all precepting authorities in relation to the preceding year.

 Valuation Band  Range of Values  Proportion of Band D
A  Up to £40,000 6/9ths
B  £40,001 - £52,000 7/9ths
C  £52,001 - £68,000 8/9ths
D  £68,001 - £88,000 9/9ths
E  £88,001 - £120,000 11/9ths
F  £120,001 - £160,000 13/9ths
G  £160,001 - £320,000 15/9ths
H  More than £320,000  18/9ths

If bandings are challenged, taxpayers must still continue to pay the current bill until any appeal is settled. Visit GOV.UK for more information on appeals.


Council Tax pays for services provided by various authorities in the district area. Ryedale District Council is referred to as the billing authority and is tasked with collection on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council, the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services, as well as any levy that Town or Parish Councils apply locally.

Below is the financial information detailing how Council Tax is spent by each authority that receives a share.

Council tax guidance notes (PDF, 2 pages, 106kb)

Statutory precept information - Ryedale District Council and Pickering, Malton and Norton Town Councils 2021/22 (PDF, 10 pages, 2.4Mb)

North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service budget information

North Yorkshire County Council budget information 2021/22 (PDF, 2 pages, 55kb)



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