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Council tax support

You may be eligible to claim Council Tax Support if you are on low income or in receipt of certain Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits.

Following a public consultation last year, Ryedale District Council implemented a new Working age Council Tax Support scheme as of April 2020. This is an income banded scheme, based upon household size and weekly income.

For residents of pension age the Government have prescribed rules that are used to calculate the amount of Council Tax Support.

To be eligible for Working age Council Tax Support you must have savings of less than £6000. If you are eligible for Council Tax Support you could see a reduction of your council tax bill of either; 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% depending upon your weekly income and household size. If you do not fall into a reduction band detailed below you will not receive any Council Tax Support. For more information on the scheme visit: Ryedale District Council - Council Tax Reduction Scheme (PDF, 117pages, 1.12Mb)

The Reduction bands and household categories are detailed in the grid below.


Council Tax Reduction Level Passported Single


Family with One Child

Family with Two or
more children


Band A – 100% Relevant Benefit 0.00 to 111.00

0.00 to 162.00

 0.00 to 212.00 0.00 to 263.00
Band B – 75% N/A 111.01 to 152.00 162.01 to 202.00  212.01 to 253.00 236.01 to 303.00
Band C– 50% N/A 152.01 to 202.00 202.01 to 253.00  253.01 to 293.00 303.01 to 343.00
Band D – 25% N/A 202.01 to 253.00 253.01 to 303.00  293.01 to 343.00 343.01 to 384.00


If you have applied for Universal credit and the application was successful, providing you indicated on the application that you pay council tax you will not need to apply for Council Tax Support as the council will have been notified through Universal Credit. Please email benefits with your national insurance number and name, so the council can monitor your claim.

If your application for Universal Credit was unsuccessful you will need to apply here for council tax support.


Who can claim Council Tax Support?

Council Tax Support is available to single people, families, couples, working people, retired people, the unemployed and anyone on a low income. You can apply for council tax support even if you own your house. However you will not qualify for council tax support if you are; working age and have savings of over £6000, or pensionable age and have savings over £16000, unless you receive guaranteed pension credit.

Use our benefits calculator to find out if you may qualify.

You can make a claim here Council Tax Support online application form.

You will need to complete all the relevant questions, sign and date the declaration and provide all the original documentary information requested on the form in support of your application. If you cannot provide all the evidence with the application form, send the form back straightaway so you will not lose out on your date of claim and make sure you provide any other evidence within four weeks.

How Council Tax Support is paid

Any entitlement to Council Tax Support is credited directly to your Council Tax account and an adjustment notice showing the revised balance will be sent shortly afterwards.

If you need further information

If you have any queries about claiming Council Tax Support, please email benefits.

Council tax support backdated claims 

Anyone of working age may be entitled to up to 1 months' backdated Council Tax Support, if they can show good cause for not having applied at an earlier date. Anyone who is of pensionable age may be entitled to up to 3 months backdated Council Tax Support.

Backdating is when support is assessed from a date before the application was actually received at this office.

When your application for Council Tax Support is received at this office, it is assessed according to the date of application and the date on which all the necessary information is received at this office. Council Tax Support usually starts from the Monday following the date an application is received at this office. Your support decision notice will tell you the date from which any entitlement starts.

For more information email benefits.


You do not have to renew your claim for council tax support each year, this support will continue to be paid for as long as you are entitled. Therefore, any changes in income, household or capital need to be reported to the council to ensure you are receiving the correct level of support. Reviews of your claim may be also be made at any point to ensure that your claim is up to date and the correct level of support is being paid.  You can report any changes through the change of Circumstances online form or by emailing benefits.

Entitlement to council tax support will end if you move out of the Ryedale area or you are no longer entitled to benefits.If you move properties in the Ryedale area you can complete a change of address form.


The council has an Exceptional Hardship Fund. If you believe that a change to your Council Tax Support has placed you in severe financial hardship and you cannot cover the liability of your council tax bill you can apply to this fund.

This fund is discretionary and every claim will be assessed upon the evidence provided. The fund is designed to help you short term to cover the cost of your council tax liability to allow you to take action to make these payments in the future. If successful the payment will be made straight to the council tax account.

The fund from which any payment is made is cash limited and there is no guarantee that you will receive assistance even if the Local Authority feels that you require additional financial assistance towards your Council Tax. The Exceptional Hardship Fund payment is made outside of the Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support Scheme, and therefore does not fall within the statutory appeal process.

As a result of Covid-19 the Government has announced that; working age, council tax support customers will receive a maximum reduction of £150 to their council tax bill for 2020/21.

This reduction will be applied to the Council Tax Account automatically, you do not need to contact the council for this reduction to your bill.
This means that if after your award of council tax support, your outstanding bill for 2020/21 is:

More than £150, your liability for 2020/21 will be reduced by £150 and the remainder of the bill will be payable.
Less than £150, your liability will be reduced to zero.
Zero, you will have no further reduction to your council tax bill.


If you think our decision about your Council Tax Support is wrong, write to us first and ask us to look at the decision again. You can write to us at any point to say you disagree with a Council Tax Support decision. There is no time limit. We must reply to you within two months of getting your request.

If we have looked at our decision again and you are still unhappy with our decision you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service but only after you have written to us. You must contact them within two months of the date of our reply.

If you have not heard from us and it is two months since you wrote to us you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service. But you must contact them within four months of when you first wrote to us.

You can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service about:

  • Whether you are entitled to Council Tax Support (they call it Council Tax Reduction)
  • How much Council Tax Support we have awarded you under our scheme

You can't appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service (VTS) about the rules we have put in our scheme.

How to appeal to the VTS

Appeal online or download a form to fill in and send back to them.



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