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Benefit fraud

Ryedale District Council is committed to reducing fraud and error within the benefits system that we administer, for the good of our local residents and taxpayers nationwide. You can help by reporting any suspected Housing Benefit fraud.

Please give as much information and detail as you possibly can when making the report. Ensuring a high quality referral will give our Investigation Officers the information they need to pursue those persons who choose to abuse the benefits system.

Note: The information you provide will be taken in the strictest confidence.

Information on Benefit Fraud (PDF, 2 pages, 291kb)


Here are a few pointers:

  • Full name(s) and address(es) or person(s) alleged to be committing benefit fraud.
  • Type of alleged benefit fraud being committed - eg working and claiming, not declaring resident partner or other adult, not living at address or sub-letting, other monies coming in or bank accounts held, or property owned.
  • Full description(s) of persons involved - eg height, build, hair colour - length and style, eye colour, distinguishing marks - eg tattoos, birthmarks, or scars, habitual dress worn - eg ground-worker wears work-boots, jeans and lumberjack shirt every day.

If someone is working and claiming:

  • Full name and address of employer.
  • How long person has worked there?
  • Type of work done? - number of hours? - level of earnings?
  • Times person works.
  • Are any work clothes worn - description?
  • Is company vehicle used?

If someone is not declaring a resident partner:

  • Full name and description of alleged partner.
  • Date of birth or National Insurance number if known?
  • How long has alleged partner been resident?
  • If alleged partner works, full name and address of their employer, plus times they work. Any work clothes worn, do they have company vehicle?
  • If alleged partner is known to be on benefits, do they know from what address they claim benefits from and what benefits are claimed?

If someone is not living at an address:

  • How long the person has not been resident?
  • What address the person is actually living at?
  • Name of householder there?
  • Have all belongings been removed from address?
  • Does anyone visit to pick up post at address? - when and how often?

If someone is not declaring other capital owned:

  • Type of capital eg bank accounts/house/unit trusts/stocks/shares/premium bonds etc?
  • Which bank(s)?
  • Full address of property(s) owned? - is there any mortgage on address? - how much is outstanding? - whose name is mortgage in? - which lender is it with?
  • If other property owned, is it rented out? - to who? - how long has it been rented out? - any other tenants names? - amount of rent charged?
  • How long these have been held/owned by person?

If someone is not declaring other income:

  • What type of income is it? - private pension / other benefits / maintenance?
  • How much? - how long have they been receiving it? - from who?

If someone is not declaring other adults (not their partner) living with them:

  • Full name(s), date(s) of birth, and National Insurance numbers of person(s) resident.
  • How long resident? - address moved there from?
  • Working or claiming benefits? - full employer details.
  • If working, the times they work?
  • How known to benefit customer? - friend, relative?
  • Do they pay rent to stay there? - what is arrangement?

We must not discount the fact that landlords could be involved in the report of possible fraud. If you know or suspect a landlord to be involved in the alleged fraud, please provide as many details as you can to substantiate this.

Please provide the make (eg Ford) model (eg Mondeo) colour and registration of vehicle(s) being used. If a vehicle has signs, markings or business details on it, please ensure these are also given.

Potentially Violent
Please confirm if any person involved in the allegation is known to be potentially violent. If yes, how do you know this?


1. By phone: Benefit Fraud Hotline Freephone - 0800 174553. All calls will be treated in complete confidence.

2. By email: Benefit Fraud

For more information on benefit fraud, you can visit the government website GOV.UK

If you wish to notify us in writing a downloadable form is available, which can be printed, completed and posted to Benefit Fraud, Ryedale District Council, Ryedale House, Malton, YO17 7HH.

 Report suspected fraud (PDF, 1 page, 19kb)

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