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Permission to host events

All events and activities held on publicly owned land require permission to be obtained in advance. For events to be held on private land, please contact us for advice, information and guidance.

The Ryedale Safety Advisory Group

The Ryedale Safety Advisory Group (SAG) enables key agencies to work together to look at safety issues within Ryedale District. The idea is not to discourage events in any way but to provide event organisers with support and guidance to ensure that any events are carried out safely and successfully.

Should any member of the SAG have any questions about an event, the organiser might be asked to come along to meet the group, so any issues can be discussed and the organiser can ask for advice from members – there is a wide range of skills and experience available within the Group.


The Safety Advisory Group consists of a number of agencies who work to maintain and enhance public safety.

  • Ryedale District Council (Licensing, Environmental Health)
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service

The Ryedale Safety Advisory Group is chaired by Health and Environment, Ryedale District Council.


We act as the first point of contact for anyone wishing to organise an event to which the public are invited. We ask that all event organisers submit the following:-

  • A completed event notification form
  • An event risk assessment (can be included as part of the event management plan – see below)
  • An event management plan
  • A site plan
  • A copy of the event's insurance certificate

Once the event notification form is submitted, we will:-

  • Circulate a copy of your event notification form to SAG members for assessment and possible action
  • Members of SAG will provide advice and guidance on their specific areas of responsibility to the organiser and other agencies involved. This information will be feed back to the SAG group and retained for reference.
  • If necessary individual members of SAG will meet with the event organiser to discuss specific areas of the event.
  • The SAG group will keep records for each event and ensure any actions arising are documented.
  • In some circumstances some members of SAG will monitor events to ensure standards are maintained and regulations are adhered to.

If you are planning an event we advise that you submit your documentation as early as possible to ensure the SAG has time to respond. For most events we recommend no later than 3 calendar months, for large events at least 6 calendar months.


If you are organising an event in the district, there are a number of responsibilities placed upon you as the organiser. If you are holding an event you need to understand that you are legally responsible for the safety of anyone attending. The following pointers should help you in your planning:-

  • Create a planning timetable including key dates
  • Identify a team of people to help plan, organise and run the event, who can take responsibility for public safety.
  • Be clear about what you can achieve on your budget
  • Carry out risk assessments to ensure public safety
  • Consider whether your event will cause disruption to traffic
  • Consider whether your event will require a licence

Please check on The Events Industry Forum website for guidance for keeping workers and audiences safe during COVID-19 (England).

SAG has produced a number of documents to download. The guidance sets out some of the key points to consider. Organisers are encouraged to complete the event notification form and event management plan, returning them to the contact listed on the event notification form.

Application to hold an event (PDF, 7 pages, 131kb)

Event safety guidance (PDF, 13 pages, 110kb)

Event management plan template (PDF, 16 pages, 109kb)

To help you plan your event there are a number of publications available. You can also get advice from the Health and Safety Executive but you need to purchase the guides they produce. Two guides are particularly relevant:-

  • Managing Crowds Safely – HSG 154
  • The Event Safety Guide – HSG 195


In certain circumstances, we may allow roads to be closed for specific events being held on the highway, e.g. street party, village fete, Christmas lights switch on, Christmas market etc.

Such road closures require a formal legal order and may only be granted if:-

  • the event is for a public event only
  • the event is generally confined to minor roads where traffic volumes are low
  • suitable alternative routes for affected traffic are available
  • residents/traders affected by the event have been consulted and agree to the closure
  • the Police have raised no objections
  • the Highways agency have been consulted and do not object to the closure

Events on bus routes and busy through routes may be deemed unacceptable, however each application will be judged on its own merits.

If you wish to apply for a road closure then please download the guidance notes (PDF, 2 pages, 22kb) and complete the application form (PDF, 3 pages, 100kb) and return it to the Council Solicitor at least 8 weeks before the date of the proposed closure.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide, erect and maintain the required traffic and diversion signs.

Please also see the information from North Yorkshire County Council on events and street parties.


Organisers should also look at the Health and Safety Executive's website for their publications and in particular the 5 Steps to Risk Assessment.

For advice on temporary structures, please see the MUTA "Safe Use and Operation of Marquees and Temporary Structures – Accreditation Scheme and Best Practice Guide" and IStructE book on "Temporary Demountable Structures (TDS) guidance on procurement, design and use" April 2007.



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