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Waste and recycling containers

Please follow this link for details of any changes to our waste and recycling collection services during COVID-19.


 Waste and recycling containers - what goes in my bins?

Container Yes Please No Thanks
Green box resized

Any plastic bottles from the kitchen, utility or bathroom

Drinks and food cans, biscuit tins and aerosols

Yoghurt pots, plastic bags, polystyrene, clingfilm, food trays, pots, paint tins, cutlery, large metal items
Black box

All glass bottles

All glass jars

Window glass, crockery, ceramics, pyrex or vision ware.
blue bag resized Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogues, other white papers, telephone directories, cardboard boxes, food packaging, greeting cards, kitchen and loo roll tubes Envelopes, wallpaper, beverage cartons (tetra paks), polystyrene, plastic bags, clingfilm, and cardboard with food on it
Brown bin resized

Provided to those properties subscribing to the garden waste subscription service

A 240 litre brown wheelie bin is provided as standard. Smaller 140 litre bins are available on request

Properties unsuitable for wheelie bins or where residents require assistance (due to medical conditions, age etc) will be provided with biodegradable liners for garden waste

Grass cuttings, windfalls, flowers and plants, hedge clippings, leaves and bark, weeds, turf, hay, straw, small branches and prunings. Please remove as much soil as possible from your garden waste.

Anything that may be contaminated with dog or cat waste.

Excessive soil - please remove as much as possible from your garden waste.

Please put non-recyclable waste in your black or green wheelie bin. A 180 litre black wheelie bin is provided as standard (all 240 litre green wheelie bins will be replaced by 180 litre black bins). Smaller 140 litre bins are available on request.

Properties unsuitable for wheelie bins or where residents require assistance (due to medical conditions, age etc) will be provided with 52 black liners per year for residual refuse. Use our form to apply for assistance.

Properties on liners may be provided with a wheelie bin for storage of the black liners containing non-recyclable waste. A maximum of 3 liners per property will be taken at each collection interval.


Damaged containers will be replaced free of charge if the damage was as a result of mishandling by collection crews, manufacture or life expectancy. Replacement or repairs for other damage may incur a charge of £31.

To obtain a replacement, please complete our online form or telephone 01653 600666.


Containers remain the property of the Council and must be left at the property when residents move. Residents moving into a previously occupied property should ensure that all containers have been left.

Containers for newly built properties will normally be delivered within five working days of a request. Please complete an application to request any new containers

The cost of all containers supplied to new developments (5 or more properties) in the District will be recharged to the developer.

There is no option to purchase additional containers for recyclable or non-recyclable purposes. Any additional wheeled bins for non-recyclable waste previously purchased by householders from the Council (or obtained from any other source) will not be emptied.

Please note that only containers that are issued by the Council will be emptied.


We provide a kerbside waste collection service. Please place all waste containers at the nearest point to the edge of the public highway but make sure that they do not cause an obstruction.

Only correctly presented containers will be collected. If there is a problem finding a suitable location for the container, contact us and an officer will arrange to visit the property to identify a suitable alternative collection point.

Please return the waste containers to a position within the confines of your property on the same day following collection.

If you have queries or require any further information, please submit an Enquiry Form.


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