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Assisted waste collection

If you have difficulty putting your containers out for collection due to infirmity or disability, we will provide an assisted collection for refuse and recycling.

Apply for an assisted waste collection.

A member of staff will then assess each case on an individual basis and we will agree with you the best method to assist you.

Residents who qualify for an assisted collection will be provided with 52 liners a year for non-recyclable refuse (chargeable compostable bags for garden waste are available on subscription). We will supply you with 52 black liners for non-recyclable waste. A maximum of 3 liners per property will be taken at each collection interval.

You may keep the wheelie bin to store bags of non-recyclable waste, where appropriate.

You can continue to use the green box, black box and blue bag for recycling as usual, however, a smaller basket style container with a handle is also available for recyclable materials, which residents may find easier to carry.

On collection day, a member of the team will collect your bags and boxes from wherever they are stored, so you don't have to pull or carry potentially heavy containers out to the kerbside.

To subscribe to the garden waste collection scheme and receive a supply of biodegradable liners, subscribe here.

Please submit an Enquiry Form if you have any questions, or need more information.



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