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Water pollution

We use water for drinking, washing, irrigation, sewage disposal, transport and recreation. Demand for water has increased putting pressure on the natural environment. In Ryedale, public drinking water is generally of high quality, though many private supplies fail to meet necessary standards. River water quality in Ryedale is high and both rivers support important wildlife habitats.

Drinking Water

The drinking water to your property may be directly supplied either from a Mains Water Supply (e.g. Yorkshire Water) or from a Private Water Supply (e.g. borehole, spring etc). Alternatively, you may be supplied with a mains water supply indirectly, (e.g. via a Private Distribution Network) which, along with private water supplies, are regulated under the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009.

If you are the owner of a Private Distribution Network, you will be responsible for the pipework and distribution system serving buildings/structures occupied by third parties (as opposed to Yorkshire Water being responsible).

Mains Water Supplies

The majority of houses in the Ryedale District receive a supply of mains water which is provided by Yorkshire Water. Yorkshire Water is responsible for providing clean and wholesome drinking water to the homes they supply and their compliance performance is available on their website.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) is responsible for overseeing compliance with mains water drinking quality standards.

Rivers and other Controlled Waters

The Environment Agency is responsible for protecting controlled waters (including water courses) from pollution.


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