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Construction site pollution

Advice and information for anyone, at both domestic and commercial premises, carrying out construction work and/or DIY.

  • Noise from demolition, construction works, deliveries and the movement of vehicles and other plant both on and off the site has the potential to cause disturbance to neighbouring residents
  • Most residents will in general accept construction site noise but will complain if work starts early or finishes late or takes place on Sunday or Bank Holidays
  • You can consider carrying out quieter work outside of the above hours, e.g. painting, wiring, plastering and plumbing that do not involve loud mechanical or impact noise

Please visit our webpage, for detailed information on noise pollution.

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  • Any work audible beyond the boundary of the site should only be carried out between the hours of 8am to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays and 9.00 am to 1pm on Saturdays
  • There should be no noisy works carried out on Sundays or Bank Holidays or Public Holidays
  • There are some situations where working outside of these hours is necessary due to circumstances and the Environmental Protection Team should be contacted as well as neighbouring residents to explain why and to detail the additional hours needed
  • The Council would allow some flexibility with these hours, especially when there are health and safety or good road traffic reasons for doing so
  • Please make sure you follow best practice as described in British Standard BS 5228 Part 1: 2009 -Code of Practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites. It is recommended that you allow for this in your project planning and ensure that all sub-contractors are aware of these requirements
  • Ensure you comply with any planning conditions imposed regarding noise and disturbance to neighbours especially hours restrictions as described above
  • Involve/advise your neighbours at each stage of the development as to how much disturbance there is likely to be and when
  • Listen to their concerns and alter your work patterns/activities where practical
  • Avoid noisy activities at unsociable hours i.e. drilling, hammering, machinery/generators. Remember some of your neighbours may work shifts
  • Follow the hours recommendations as described above


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