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Pest control


During the current Covid-19 emergency, we will be following the government guidance on working in people’s homes in order to safeguard staff and customers. Where necessary risk assessments will be completed to ensure adequate control measures are in place before committing to provide the service.


We offer a pest control service to both domestic and business premises. We provide casual treatments and long term pest management contracts.

Our pest control officers have passed the Royal Society of Public Health level 2 examination in Pest Management and undergo continuous training and development.

Our Pest Control Service offers:

  • A domestic service for rodents and insects for a competitive fixed price.
  • A concessionary flat charge is applicable to all householders in receipt of Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit, Income Support, Pension Credit Guarantee, Employment and Support Allowance - income based, Job Seekers Allowance - income based, Universal Credit
  • Fully-documented commercial pest control contracts at competitive rates to comply with food safety and Farm Assured requirements.
  • A professional backup service from Environmental Health Officers.

We will:

  • Arrange to visit you within normal office hours.
  • Identify pests with technical advice and follow up treatments where necessary.
  • Use poisons safely and give you advice sheets including health and safety requirements.
  • Supply quality fly killing units supported by an advisory service without additional cost of contractual obligations.
  • Have access to technical back up services from our Environmental Health Officers.

You can help us to provide a good service by:

  • Recognising that the materials we use can be harmful to humans, pets and wildlife, following the instructions in our advice sheets and never attempting to interfere with baits and poisons.
  • Keeping any appointment you make with us or advising us in good time if you need to cancel.
  • Paying promptly for any service you receive.
  • Advising our service staff of any dangerous or unsafe areas.

We can treat the following types of pest:

  • ants (inside your property only)
  • bedbugs
  • certain types of beetle, such as biscuit beetle or larder beetle (inside your property only)
  • cockroaches
  • fleas and mites
  • fly infestation (inside your property only)
  • certain types of moth
  • mice (inside your property only)
  • rats
  • grey squirrels
  • wasps**

**Please note: It may not always be possible to treat a wasp nest if it is in an inaccessible location, such as a high roof or near to an electricity wire.


The pest control officer will contact you to arrange a convenient time for them to visit.

Please note: Some pest treatments will require more than one visit. The price includes the number of visits that need to be made to deal with the problem in all but exceptional circumstances.

If we are unable to carry out a treatment on the pests, you will only be charged a call-out fee.


Call-out fees

We may charge a call-out fee if:

  • We find it is not practical or safe to carry out the treatment when we arrive at your property or business.
  • You aren't in when we visit on the arranged date.
  • There is no need to treat, for example the problem has been resolved.
  • We are called out to deal with wasps and they are identified as bees 
Pest control charges
Pests treated  Unit of Charge  Charge 2021/22 (incl vat) 
Advice visit/call-out (deducted from cost of treatment if applicable)  Per visit £60.00
Casual treatments – commercial (plus materials)  Per hour £80.00 (plus materials)
Domestic charge for all rodents and domestic insects (up to 3 visits)  Per treatment £78.00
Each additional visit   £30.00
Wasps* Per visit £65.00
Special domestic (where 2 operatives are required)  Per visit £120.00
Bed bugs (up to 2 visits)  Per treatment £85.00
Concessionary flat charge (for those on Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit, Income Support, Pension Credit Guarantee, Employment and Support Allowance - income based, Job Seekers Allowance - income based, Universal Credit)  Per visit £35.00
Cancellation charge if less than 24 hours notice is given   £27.00

* Additional wasps nests treated are £15 per nest. Should the initial treatment for wasps be unsuccessful then we will re-treat the nest once more for no additional cost.

Identification of insects (if they have to be sent away for identification) £40


You will be sent an invoice at the conclusion of the treatment.


Yes. Our qualified and experienced team can provide:

  • An assessment of your business, the price of which will be adjusted in the annual price if the contract is accepted
  • Help and guidance on integrated pest management systems, including proofing services
  • A no obligation quote for a pest management contract
Commercial charges Unit of Charge  Charge 2021/22 (incl vat) 
Casual treatments – commercial  Per hour £80.00 (plus materials)
Commercial contracts (initial site assessment 1 hour minimum charge. Contract price will be adjusted if contract taken out) Per hour £80.00

Please complete an Enquiry Form to discuss your requirements and to arrange an assessment.


Yes, certain treatments will require you to prepare your property before we visit. A lack of preparation could make a treatment unsafe or cause re-infestation of the whole building.

Please note: if we find it is not practical or safe to carry out the treatment when we arrive at your property, you will be charged a call-out fee.


We will:

  • Remove all pesticides, pesticide containers and where possible, all pest carcasses.
  • Provide information on the extent of the issue and type of treatment carried out.
  • Give you safety instructions for any of the pesticides we used.


No, we do not remove or exterminate bees as they form an important part of our environment. In addition the pesticides we use are not licensed to be used against bees.

Honey bee swarms are more common during spring and summer months.

For help identifying bees, or to arrange removal of a honey bee swarm, please visit the British Beekeepers Association website https://www.bbka.org.uk/

Please note: beekeepers may seek to recover the expenses, such as travel costs, of offering this service to you. Please check this with your beekeeper before making any arrangements.



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