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Launch of Council Tax Reduction Scheme consultation

We have launched a consultation to seek your views on proposed changes to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, currently in operation in the district.

Each year the council has to decide whether to change the Council Tax Reduction scheme for working age applicants in the Ryedale area. The consultation asks for the views of residents on whether to increase the maximum level of support offered under the scheme in Ryedale along with a number of proposed changes.

The changes only apply to the scheme's working age customers. The scheme for pension age customers is set by Government and is not affected by any of the options set out in the consultation.

The changes being proposed are to implement a new Council Tax Reduction scheme, as a result of full service Universal Credit, in order to make administration of the scheme easier, meet future requirements and reduce administration costs. These changes include:

  1. Introducing an income ‘grid’ scheme for all working age applicants replacing the current means tested approach, which was based on the previous Council Tax Benefit scheme. This includes increasing Council Tax Reduction to 100% for some applicants.
  2. Limiting the number of dependent children within the calculation for Council Tax Reduction to a maximum of two for all applicants.
  3. Removing the current earnings disregards and replacing them with a standard £25 disregard for Single, Couples and Families with one child and £50 disregard for households with two or more children.
  4. A reduction of the capital limit to £6,000.

Council Tax Reduction is how the council helps people on a low income to pay their Council Tax bill. It replaced the national Council Tax Benefit scheme, which ended in April 2013 and was fully funded by the Government.

The consultation is open until 6 October 2019 and can be completed online or by collecting a paper copy from Ryedale House.

The final decision on the proposed changes will be taken by Full Council in December 2019.

Equality impact assessment (PDF, 4 pages, 580kb)


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