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Taxi fare setting

Hackney Carriages - Ryedale District Council has the power under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 Section 65 to set the fares for hackney carriages.

Private Hire Vehicles - Private hire vehicles need to be pre-booked and you must agree the fare with the operator at the time of booking.

A District Council may fix the rates or fares in the District for time, distance and all other charges to be paid for the hire of a hackney carriage by means of a table of fares (PDF, 1 page, 215kb), which may be made or varied in accordance with the provisions of this section.

When a District Council makes or varies a table of fares, they must publish any changes in a notice in at least one local newspaper circulating in the district. They must give at least 14 days from the date of the first publication and details of how any objections to the table of fares or variations can be made.

If no objections to a table of fares or variations are made within the period specified in the notice, or if all objections are withdrawn, the table of fares or variations come into effect following the expiry of the consultation period or the date of the withdrawal of any objections.

If an objection is made and is not withdrawn, the district council may set a further date, not later than two months after the first specified date, on which the table of fares shall come into force with or without modifications, as decided by the Licensing Committee after consideration of the objections.

It was decided by the Licensing Committee on 5 April 2007 that when setting the table of fares, tariff 2 should always represent a time and a half multiplier of tariff 1. For example if the flag fall for tariff 1 is £3.00, the flag fall for tariff 2 would be £4.50.

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