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Street naming and numbering

The Council is responsible for:

  • street naming and numbering for new developments
  • renaming/renumbering existing streets
  • registering property names
  • street nameplates

New Development

Developers should contact the Council at an early stage of any new development to start the process of naming and numbering. They can suggest names for new streets, but the Royal Mail and the local Town/Parish Council will be consulted before any name is agreed. The Royal Mail will then allocate postcodes. The Council will issue an agreed plan showing street names and numbers. It is important that developers do not confuse plot numbers with house numbers.

Developers are also responsible for the provision of street nameplates to the completed roads – see below.

Renaming/renumbering streets

In certain circumstances, particularly in rural areas, street naming and numbering may be uncertain or confused. The local Town/Parish Council or the Royal Mail may request the Council to clarify the situation. The Council, subject to resources, will carry out a consultation exercise to determine the correct name of a street or to establish a more appropriate numbering system. The approval of a clear majority of householders affected will need to be obtained before any such proposals are implemented.

Property names

The owner of any new property should contact the Council as soon as possible to register a proposed house name. The name should not conflict with other names in the locality. The Royal Mail will be consulted and, if there are no objections, the Royal Mail will allocate a postcode.

If there is an existing numbering system in place the new property will be numbered accordingly and this will form part of the address.

Owners of existing properties who wish to re-name their properties should also contact the Council. The proposed name should not conflict with other names in the locality and the Royal Mail will be consulted for its approval.

Once registered, the Council will notify certain bodies such as the Land Registry, Council Tax and Emergency Services but it will be the responsibility of the owner to inform all other bodies.

Street nameplates

The Council has a limited budget for the maintenance and replacement of existing street nameplates. In some situations and where funds allow, new signs may be erected. The local Town/Parish Council will need to put forward proposals to the Council for consideration.

On new developments, it is the responsibility of the developer to provide street nameplates to the Council's specification and in agreed positions.

Please email us, or tel 01653 600666 for further information.

An administration charge is required for Street Naming and Numbering.


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