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Household waste collections

Information on our refuse and recycling service, including details of containers, our waste collection policy and useful links.

Alternate Week Kerbside Waste Collection Service

  • Week 1: Collection of non-recyclable refuse
  • Week 2: Collection of recyclables

When do we collect?

All collections take place on the same day, each alternate week, between 6am and 5pm. However, in some cases residents may receive their garden waste collections on a different day to when their dry recyclables are collected. Garden waste collections are suspended during the winter months of December, January and February.

We cannot guarantee collection time therefore residents are advised that their containers should be placed out for collection by 6 am.

If we need to permanently change the collection day, we will notify you in writing, in advance.

For details of your collection day and to find a calendar showing the collection pattern of your refuse and recycling, please visit our interactive map page for all the details.

Where do we collect from?

We provide a kerbside waste collection service. Please place all waste containers at the nearest point to the edge of the public highway but make sure that they do not cause an obstruction.

Only correctly presented containers will be collected. If there is a problem finding a suitable location for the container, contact us and an officer will arrange to visit the property to identify a suitable alternative collection point.

Please return the waste containers to a position within the confines of your property on the same day following collection.

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Missed collections

If we miss collection of recyclable or non-recyclable waste and it's our fault, a crew will return within five working days (usually much sooner) to rectify the situation. Report a missed waste collection via our online form.

If you don't put your containers out for collection of recyclable or non-recyclable waste at the advised time, no arrangements will be made to return to the property until the next due collection date for that material.

What we cannot collect

  • Stones, rubble, soil, building materials, car parts, batteries, oil, solvent based paint, chemicals, tree branches, asbestos based materials, fluorescent tubes (including compact fluorescent lamps) TV's and anything too large to fit comfortably into the bin. These materials should be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • Fire ashes should be cold before putting them in the bin, to avoid fire risk
  • Recyclable materials should not be put in the non-recyclable wheeled bin

Contaminated waste

Please ensure that the right materials are placed into the correct containers. When the collection teams find containers that are contaminated, they are instructed not to collect them and a label will be left informing you of the reason for non-collection.

Heavy containers or wheelie bins

Containers or wheelie bins, which are excessively heavy, will not be emptied. Collection crews will place a leaflet or sticker on the bin to inform you of the problem.

Excess or side waste

We operate a strict no side waste policy and only waste contained in RDC's containers will be collected. Additional side waste will be placed in the emptied bin or returned within the boundary of the property following collection

No excess waste will be removed from around the bin except when we change arrangements such as at Christmas or Bank Holidays. Additional side waste will be placed in the emptied bin, or returned to the property boundary following collection.

Continual issues with side waste may require a visit by an officer to discuss reasons for the problem.

Waste stacked above the top level of the wheelie bin, preventing the lid from closing, will be removed and put back in the emptied bin, or returned within the boundary of the property after collection. Overfilled bins pose a health and safety risk for collection operatives when they present bins to the lifting mechanism.

Waste which cannot fit comfortably into a container can be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Food waste

We do not currently offer a separate food waste recycling service but encourage resident to reduce food waste where possible.

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What happens when we have not been able to collect your waste?

Please ensure you leave your waste out for collection.

We will always leave you a label or card explaining why your waste has not been collected (except when caused by severe weather etc.). The collection teams will report all non-collections to their supervisor and a visit may be arranged with the householder to discuss the situation.

The Council will not return to collect waste or recycling until the next scheduled collection day.

Large families

If there are 7 or more permanent occupants in your property and you experience capacity problems with additional non-recyclable waste you may, at the discretion of the Streetscene Manager and in liaison with officers, be issued with an additional 140 litre bin.

Properties with 5 or more permanent occupants will be issued with a 240 litre (green) capacity wheeled bin for non-recyclable waste (instead of the standard 180 ltr (black) issue).

If you think you are entitled to extra bin capacity, please complete an application form stating full names of all those permanently resident at the property. This excludes full-time students living away from home or family members who are non-permanent but may visit at weekends or holiday times.

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Multi occupancy or communal collections

Multi occupancy/storey or residential homes will be considered for individual solutions, tailored to specific requirements. This could involve the provision of larger bulk containers at an agreed central collection point.

Remote properties

If you live in a remote property, or along a private road, you will be required to bring your containers to the edge of the nearest adopted public highway. Liners will be issued where it is impractical to site bins. Where there are four or more properties, a kerbside collection at a designated point will be agreed on the understanding that the access road is suitable for collection vehicles.

Mixed hereditaments (combined household and commercial)

These properties will be supplied with standard household waste containers in the normal way, as detailed above. However, no commercial refuse should be placed into household waste containers. The owner or occupier should take out a separate trade waste agreement with RDC (or other properly licensed waste management company) for any commercial waste generated.

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Small properties with no storage

A small number of flats or bed-sits (usually located in market towns) considered as having no adequate storage area for even small waste containers may receive different collection arrangements to the standard alternate week collection system, particularly when siting containers would cause a public nuisance or obstruction. Individual solutions will be tailored to specific requirements

Medical waste

If you have a family member who produces additional non-hazardous medical waste, due to a medical condition, you may be entitled to an additional 140 litre bin for non-recyclable waste. Please complete a short application form for this service.

Arrangements can also be made for the collection and dispose of clinical waste bags by a specialist contractor. This service is usually requested by the local hospital or specialist nurse. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this service.

If prescribed by your GP, syringe needles should be returned in sharps containers to the prescribing doctor's practice for disposal.

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New properties

Containers for newly built properties will normally be delivered within five working days of a request and supporting information on waste minimisation and recycling will be supplied.

The cost of all containers supplied to new developments (5 or more properties) in the District will be recharged to the developer.

Replacement containers

Damaged containers will be replaced, or repaired free of charge if the damage was the result of mishandling by collection crews, manufacture or life expectancy.

You may be charged for replacement or repairs for other damage and lost or stolen containers.

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Severe weather

If collections have not been made due to severe weather, such as flooding or icy conditions, please leave your containers out and we will arrange for collection as soon as it is practical and safe to do so.

However, in cases of prolonged severe weather, we may have to alter collection patterns for various materials. Please visit to this website for up to date information when there are disruptions to regular services for reasons outside our control.

Public holidays (including Christmas)

Following Bank Holiday Mondays, kerbside waste collection services for all households run a day late.

Over the Christmas holiday period, collection arrangements may vary from year to year. Details are on our Find your bin collection day webpage.

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Disposing of confidential waste

Companies offering confidential document destruction services in Ryedale include:

Always check with the company that they have a valid Environment Agency Waste Management License to handle this type of waste before entering into any agreement.

Food waste

We do not currently offer a separate food waste recycling service, but encourage you to reduce food waste where possible. For more details about food waste issues visit Love Food Hate Waste. This is a campaign from WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) that provides tasty leftover recipes, practical advice and top tips that helps us cut back on wasting food.

A third of the food we buy in the UK ends up being thrown away, that's 6.7 million tonnes of food every year. And the most frustrating thing is that most of what we throw away could have been eaten.

Wasted food is a waste of money and a major contributor to climate change. Most of this waste ends up in landfill sites where it rots and releases methane, a damaging greenhouse gas. The food we throw away is also a huge waste of the energy, water and packaging used in its production, transportation and storage.

Waste collection commitment

We will work closely with residents to ensure the environmental impacts of waste are minimised and costs are affordable to Council Tax payers. In 2010 we endorsed the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Waste Collection Commitment to demonstrate the continued objective to provide a good waste and recycling service, which represents value for money and meets the needs of our residents. This means we will:

  • explain clearly what services you can expect to receive;
  • provide regular collections;
  • provide a reliable collection service;
  • consider any special requests that individual households may have;
  • design our services and carry out collections in a way that doesn't produce litter;
  • collect as many materials for recycling as we can and explain to you what happens to them;
  • explain clearly what our service rules are and the reasons for them;
  • tell you in good time if we have to make changes to your services, even temporarily;
  • respond to complaints we receive about our services; and
  • tell all our residents about this commitment to collecting waste.


We work together with the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership (YNYWP), comprising North Yorkshire County Council, the City of York Council and the six other district councils of North Yorkshire. The YNYWP is committed to reducing, re-using and recycling as much waste as possible, as an alternative to landfill disposal.

In the Waste Partnership's strategy, the following minimum targets for recycling or composting household waste have been agreed.

40% by 2010      45% by 2013      50% by 2020

These are broadly in line with national Government and wider European targets for the recycling or composting of household waste.



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