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Exhaust emission testing

The measurement of emissions is conducted on every vehicle over three years old when it undergoes its annual MOT test.

Emission testing of vehicles is not undertaken by Ryedale District Council. More information can be found at GOV.UK.

It is considered that the air quality impact of a roadside vehicle emission testing scheme in the Malton AQMA is likely to be low and would require significant staff and equipment resources, as well as imposing additional demands on North Yorkshire Police. It is intended that tackling congestion and the large traffic volumes passing through the town centre will be the main deliverer of air quality improvements in the Malton AQMA.

What if I have concerns about individual vehicles?

Poorly maintained diesel engines produce many times more pollution than those that are well maintained. Smoky diesels can be reported to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

The information that is required to trace the vehicle operator is:

  • type of vehicle (e.g. HGV [Heavy Goods Vehicle] or a PSV [passenger service vehicle]);
  • the vehicle's registration number;
  • company name (if apparent);
  • road name/number where vehicle see;
  • when you saw the vehicle (date and time);
  • your name and address (not compulsory and is confidential);
  • this information can then be passed on to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.


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