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Council tax discount

Processing of requests and assessment of eligibility for a single person or other discount on their council tax. You may be entitled to a discount on your Council Tax bill depending on who resides in the property and if they fall under a disregarded category.

If only one person over the age of 18 resides, a 25% discount is applicable. When counting the number of persons who are resident in a property certain categories of people can be disregarded, if less than two persons remain in the property after disregarding, a discount will apply.

The information below explains the various discounts available.

If the person who qualifies for the discount is the only occupier in the property, an exemption may apply e.g. a property occupied solely by a Severely Mentally Impaired person is fully exempt for Council Tax.

Empty and substantially unfurnished dwellings:
Properties that are empty and unfurnished will be entitled to a discount of 100% for a maximum period of 28 days from the date the circumstances first applied.

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Second home discounts:
Properties which are substantially furnished and not considered to be a persons' main residence are required to pay 100% Council Tax Liability from 1 April 2013.

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Dwellings which have been empty and substantially unfurnished for in excess of 2 years:
Properties that have been empty and unfurnished for over 2 years will be subject to an additional Council Tax premium of 50%.

Instalments: Council Tax payers who wish to spread their payments over 12 months may do so upon request. Please contact Revenues & Benefits Services as soon as you receive your bill to arrange this. Please note, any request to pay over 12 instalments must be made on or before 14 April of the relevant financial year.

For further information please contact Revenues and Benefits Services or telephone 01653 600666.

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Single occupier discount
The full Council Tax is based on two or more persons residing in a property. If only one person over the age of 18 resides, a 25% discount is applicable, a signed Single Occupier Discount Application Form must support every single occupier discount granted.

Evidence - a completed Single Person Discount form.

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Persons in detention
A person who is detained either in prison, hospital, or any other place by virtue of an order of a civilian court will be disregarded for Council Tax purposes. Please note if the person in detention was the only person residing in the property and the property is now unoccupied, an exemption will apply - not a discount.

Evidence - completed liable person in detention form.

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A person employed as an apprentice may be eligible for a discount. The following criteria need to be met to qualify for the discount.

  • Employed for the purposes of learning a trade or profession.
  • Undertaking a training programme which will lead to a qualification accredited by the National Council for Vocational Qualifications (NVCQ).
  • Salary paid must be no more than £195.00 gross per week and is substantially less than they will receive after qualification.

Evidence - Completed discount for apprentice form with employer certification.

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Residential carers
A discount may apply if the carer resident in the property meets the following criteria and is

  • Resident in the same home as the person being cared for
  • Providing care for at least 35 hours per week on average
  • Not a disqualified relative of the person being cared for (spouse or partner or parent if the person being cared for is a child under 18 years old).

The disabled person receiving the care must be in receipt of one of the following benefits in order to qualify:

  • Any rate of Attendance Allowance under Section 65 of the Social Security Contributions & Benefits Act 1992
  • The middle or highest rate of the Care Component of a Disability Living Allowance under Section 72(4)(a) of that Act
  • The standard or enhanced rate of the Daily Living Component of Personal Independence Payments
  • An increase in the rate of the persons' Disablement Pension under Section 104 of that Act
  • An increase in a constant Attendance Allowance under the proviso to Article 14 of the Personal Injuries (civilians) Scheme 1983, Article 14 (1)(b) of the Naval, Military & Air Forces etc (disablement & death) Services Pension Order 1983

Evidence: Completed Application for Carers Disregard form and copy of qualifying benefit entitlement award.

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Care workers
A discount will apply if the person meets the following criteria.

  • The Care Worker must be providing care or support through a connection with the Crown, a charity or a Local Authority.
  • Must be employed for at least 24 hours per week, paid no more than £30.00 per week gross and resident where the care is being provided.

Evidence - Proof of the carers registration through the appropriate qualifying body

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Foreign language assistants
Foreign Language assistants are treated as students during any period that they are appointed as such at a school or other educational establishment in Great Britain provided that they are registered with the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges.

Evidence - letter of confirmation that they are registered with the bureau and the dates of placement.

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Residents of hostels
Anyone who is resident in homeless accommodation can be disregarded as long as the accommodation is not comprised of self-contained units and the person is of no fixed abode.

Evidence - a letter from the body that runs the hostel to confirm that the property is used as a hostel for the homeless and confirm that the only residents are people of no fixed abode.

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Hospital patients
A person who is resident in a NHS or military hospital is disregarded for discount purposes, where the hospital appears on the Banding List. This discount does not apply to private dwellings, since any person who has left their dwelling to reside in a hospital will not be counted as resident at their home address.

Evidence - a letter of confirmation from the hospital to confirm that the only residents in receipt of care are in-patients.

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Members of international headquarters
A person who is a member (or dependant of that member) of an International HQ or a Defence Organisation is disregarded for Council Tax purposes.

Evidence - proof of membership of the relevant organisation.

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Patients in homes
A person who is resident in a Residential Home, Nursing Home, Mental Nursing Home or Hostel, and is receiving care in that home or hostel, is disregarded for Council Tax Discount purposes. This discount, therefore, should only be granted on the account for the home or hostel. If someone now resides in a home and has left their home with one person in it, then a single occupier discount will apply on their home address; if they have left their home address unoccupied, an exemption will apply.

Resident staff or the owner living in the nursing home will not be disregarded for the purposes of this discount, so if two staff are resident, no discount will apply.

Evidence - written confirmation from the Home/hostel that all (50% Discount) or all but one (25% Discount) of the residents are receiving care.

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Members of religious communities
This disregard covers the members of religious communities where the principal occupation is prayer, contemplation, education, the relief of suffering, or any combination of these.

All persons applying for the disregard must be dependent on the Community for their material needs and have no income or capital of their own.

Evidence - a letter from the religious order confirming that the occupiers of the property comply with the above criteria. If all the occupants of the property are disregarded a 50% discount will apply.

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School or college leavers
This disregard covers persons who are 18 or 19 years old and leave school or college between 1 May and 31 October. The person will be disregarded until the next 1 November. This category is to allow for persons leaving school and entering further education after the summer holidays. By the 1 November, their disregard for the following term should have been determined.

Evidence - completion of school and college leavers form along with confirmation of the leaving date.

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Severe mental impairment
A person is disregarded if he or she is severely mentally impaired and is stated as such by a General Medical Practitioner and is in receipt of one of the applicable qualifying benefits.

Evidence - proof of entitlement to qualifying benefit and completed application form certified by their Doctor and completed severe mental impairment form.

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Students, student nurses and Student (2000) nurses
Full-time students, student nurses and Student 2000 Nurses can be disregarded for Discount purposes.

Evidence - completed students and student nurses form and a certificate from the college/university confirming they are a full-time student and detailing dates of the course. In the case of a traditional student nurse, a letter from the health authority confirming that the person is a student nurse and the date they started and expect to qualify.

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Child benefit
A person aged 18 years or over is disregarded, if child benefit is still claimed beyond their 18th birthday. This can usually be claimed due to the young person still being in full-time education.

Evidence - completed persons in receipt of child benefit application form and a photocopy of the front two pages of the Child Benefit Book or letter of entitlement from Child Benefit office.

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Visiting Forces
A discount applies if a person has a relevant association with a Visiting Force. That person need not actually be a member but could be a civilian attached to that force or a dependant of a member.

The discount only applies if the person liable to pay is not connected with the force. If the person who is liable to pay the Council Tax were connected with the Visiting Force, the property would be exempt from Council Tax.

Evidence - a letter from the taxpayer applying for the discount, and proof of their posting to this area (copy of a certificate or posting papers).

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Youth training trainee
A person under the age of 25 and who is undertaking training organised through the Employment and Training Act 1973 will be disregarded for discount purposes. Other schemes include Options, Future, and Next Step.

Evidence - completed Discount for Apprentice/Youth Training Form available in attachments at the bottom of the page and evidence of Youth Training status (i.e. letter from course supervisor, etc.)

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Non-British spouses of students
A person who is a spouse or dependant of a student is disregarded provided the person is not a British citizen and is prevented by immigration regulations from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits whilst in the UK. If the person lives with the student and no one else the property will be exempt.

Evidence - student certificate and written confirmation of relationship to student.

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Persons with diplomatic privileges or immunities
A property that is the main residence of any one with Diplomatic privileges is exempt from Council Tax. The disregard would only apply if someone in the household has a superior interest to that of the Diplomat.

Evidence - evidence of Diplomatic status - letter from Government etc.

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