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Council structure

Information on the political control of the Council and details of the management team and staffing establishment, headed by Janet Waggott, Chief Executive.

 The Council's Corporate Management Team.

You can contact the members of the Corporate Management Team in writing (address below), or telephoning the main Council telephone number (below), or by filling in the form below.

A description of the work of the various departments of the Council is available below.

Leadership model of RDC

The Council operates the "Alternative Arrangements" form of political management, with cross-party representation in a series of Committees.

The Council also has a Leader of Council.

The roles of the Chairman of Council and the Leader of the Council are explained below:-

The main role of the Chairman is to act as the non-political, civic and ceremonial head of the District of Ryedale. The role of the Chairman also includes:

  • Chairing meetings of the Council;
  • Communication with private and voluntary sector organisations across the District;
  • Acting as official host to visitors to the District;
  • To represent the District at ceremonial events;
  • To promote public involvement in the Council’s activities.

The Chairman is elected at the Annual Meeting of Council in May of each year.

Parliament has provided that the Chairman has social precedence in the district but not so as to affect Her Majesty’s royal prerogative. When the Sovereign visits the District, she is met by the Lord-Lieutenant who then presents the Chairman of Council.

The Leader is the political head of the Council and usually the Leader of the majority political group. The Leader of Council is appointed at the Annual meeting of Council in May of each year.

The Leader’s primary role is to give leadership to the Council and to steer the policies of the ruling Group or coalition through the Council.

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Political control

The political make-up is as follows:-

Conservatives 13 43.3%
Liberals 4 13.3%
New Independents 3 10%
Independents 8 26.7%
Liberal Democrats 2


More information on Councillors is available in the Councillors Directory.

janet waggott 2009Janet Waggott, Chief Executive

Janet was appointed Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service in January 2007.

Prior to Ryedale, Janet had a wide and varied career within Local Government ranging from roles of Contracts Manager to her last role as Director of Economy and Environment at Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council which Janet held for over six years.

As Chief Executive, Janet is the Council's Head of Paid Service, the principal policy advisor and Returning Officer for District and Parish Elections. She provides the overarching managerial leadership for the Council.

The people and services which report directly to Janet are the Corporate Director, Planning and Housing, Economy and Infrastructure and Legal Services.

Janet represents the Council on The Local Government North Yorkshire and York Partnership Board and is the District Councils’ lead on the Local Resilience Forum and Public Health.


Chief Executive
Janet Waggott
Contact 01653 600666 ext 200

PA to Chief Executive
Jane Graham
01653 600666 ext 201

Management team

Deputy Chief Executive
Clare Slater
01653 600666 ext 347

Head of Planning and Housing
Gary Housden
01653 600666 ext 307

Head of Economy and Infrastructure
Julian Rudd
01653 600666 ext 218

Legal Services
Anthony Winship
01653 600666 ext 267

Head of Environment, Streetscene and Facilities
Beckie Bennett
01653 600666 ext 249

Finance Manager
Peter Johnson
01653 600666 ext 385

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Ryedale District Council is made up of the following services:
Internal AuditVeritau

Our internal audit and counter fraud services are provided by Veritau, which is a shared service company part-owned by the Council.  Internal Audit gives assurance to managers and members that Council systems and processes are operating efficiently and effectively and provides consultancy services and advice on how to improve them. Veritau’s fraud team assists us on benefits fraud and other organisational matters, as required. Veritau work includes:

  • preparing a strategic and operational audit plan which is agreed with both ourselves and External Audit;
  • completing a programme of audit reviews during the financial year;
  • reporting key findings to management and members, and reviewing corrective actions;
  • sharing best practice observed at other clients.

For further information on Veritau and its internal audit, counter fraud and information governance services, please visit www.veritau.co.uk or contact one of the team below:

Audit Manager

Stuart Cutts

01609 535560

Fraud Manager

Jonathan Dodsworth

01904 552947


Julie Darley

Ext. 446

Chris Matthews

Ext. 382

Building Control
Building Control Services at Ryedale District Council are provided by the North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership. Visit the Building Control external website for full details of the services the Partnership provides.

Customer Services and Benefits

Customer Services are responsible for the Customer Contact Centre, cashiers and receptions of our area offices.
Housing and Council Tax Benefit are means tested benefits administered by Ryedale District Council on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. These benefit schemes are specially designed to help people who are unemployed or on low incomes to pay their Rent and/or Council Tax.

Housing Benefit can assist with rent payable to private landlords or housing associations.

Council Tax Benefit can assist owner-occupiers, people living in rent-free accommodation and people living in rented accommodation where they have a liability to pay Council Tax.

For further information please visit the Benefits web page.
Democratic Services
Democratic Services are responsible for administering the electoral process within the District of Ryedale and the democratic process within Ryedale District Council.  Our aims are to:
  • Prepare and maintain a complete voters list
  • Organise Elections and Referenda which take place in the District, including the Election of County, District and Parish Councillors, Police and Crime Commissioners, Members of Parliament and Members of the European Parliament
  • Promote public understanding of and participation in the electoral process
  • Provide support to elected Members and meetings of the Full Council and its Committees
  • Make available to the public, information about elected Members and meetings of the Full Council and its Committees

For further information about Councillors, Committee Meetings or Elections please visit the about the Council section of our website.

Development Control
Development Control is the service that regulates the development and use of land. This includes the construction of new buildings, the extension of existing ones and the change of use of buildings or land to another use. 
For further information visit the Development Control web page.
The Council provides a land charge search service and maintains the Local Land Charges Register.  For further information please visit the Local Land Charges section of our website.
Economy and Community
The Economy and Community department delivers the following services;
Economic Development, Regeneration, Business Support (including Skills), Creative Economy, Visitor Economy, Community Safety, Community Development (including grants and community transport). The Unit work with partners in the public, private and community and voluntary sector to deliver these services. Further details of all these activities can be found on the Ryedale Website.
The Ryedale Economic Action Plan is the key delivery plan for the unit. The aim of the plan is “Supporting business growth to deliver quality employment”. For further information please visit the Local economic development section of our website.
To contact the team, email Economy and Infrastructure.
Facilities and Emergency Planning
The Facilities and Emergency Planning department comprises the following members of staff:
  • Facilities and Emergency Planning Manager (Corporate Property Officer and Engineering Services)
  • Building Surveyor (Surveying and Architectural Services)
  • Asset Management Officer (Valuations and Asset Management)
  • Technical Officer

The Service functions of the unit are:

  • Management and maintenance of all Council owned buildings. These include public offices, depot, all industrial units, public conveniences, leisure facilities.
  • Creation and maintenance of the councils Asset Management Plan; advising the Asset Management Group and management of the property portfolio including acquisitions and disposal of land and property, review of rating assessments.
  • Emergency planning, including all aspects of the new Civil Contingencies Act, i.e. warning, informing, emergency planning, risk and business continuity.
  • Full architectural, surveying and civil engineering services, together with project management of projects identified within the capital programme.
  • Bulk purchases of energy for a number of Council buildings and unmetered energy for street lighting units.
  • Estates management and all landlord and tenant matters including lettings, rent reviews and providing a valuation service for Development Control and other service units as required.
  • Energy monitoring and management.
  • All Facilities Management and compliance (Legionella control and management, asbestos management, fire safety, Equalities Act, electrical and gas safety regulations and all associated monitoring and testing).
Finance consists of a team of accountants whose corporate aim is to secure the effective financial management of resources available to meet the Council's needs.
The team consists of:
  • Finance Manager
  • Two Group Accountants
  • Accountancy Assistant

The core service functions of the unit are:

  • To produce the annual Statement of Accounts
  • To produce the annual revenue and capital budgets for the Authority
  • To oversee the Debtors, Creditors, Payroll and Insurance functions.
  • Treasury Management.
  • To provide ongoing financial and budgetary support to the Authority.
  • To provide accountancy services to North Yorkshire Building Control Partnership.

The Statement of Accounts and Budget strategy can be found on the Policies and Plans web page.

Ryedale is geographically the largest area in North Yorkshire and is a predominantly rural area with approximately 23,200 residential properties. Ryedale District Council has the responsibility of collecting Council Tax on its own behalf and for the County Council, Police Authority, Fire Authority and the Parishes.
For further information please visit the Council Tax web page.
Forward Planning and Conservation
Ryedale’s Forward Planning and Conservation Team are a small group of planners and conservation professionals covering:
  • countryside management;
  • conservation area listed buildings;
  • hedgerows and tree issues;
  • trees and landscapes;
  • the Adopted Local Plan;
  • listed buildings and hedgerows.
For further information please visit the Nature and conservation section of our website.
Health and Environment
Health and Environment provides a range of services that are broadly concerned with protecting public health and safety.
For further information please visit the Environment and waste section of our website.
Ryedale District Council does not hold any housing stock as all council houses were transferred to a Housing Association in 1991. The majority of social housing in the area is provided by Yorkshire Housing but there are other Housing Associations with properties locally.

The Council still has statutory duties in relation to Housing and its main work is concerned with housing need, the provision of affordable housing, housing advice, the prevention of homelessness, investigating homelessness, the provision of temporary accommodation, housing repairs, grants and the Ryecare lifeline service which helps vulnerable and elderly residents to remain living independently in their homes.

For further information visit the Housing section of our website.
Human Resources
This section is responsible for all policy and procedural matters to do with Human Resources in the Authority. This includes recruitment and selection, pay, terms and conditions of employment, consultation and negotiations with Trade Unions, training and development of staff, welfare policies and health and safety.

The Council promotes Equal Opportunities and has the Investors in People Award.

For information on career opportunities at Ryedale District Council please visit the Job and careers section of our website.
The ICT team is responsible for developing and managing effective ICT systems and communications strategies to cater for the on-going operations of the Council and to deliver the statutory and corporate e-government objectives. The team also advises the Council and staff on data protection responsibilities and to ensure that the Council’s activities are not in breach of legislation.
The legal team provides a wide range of legal services for the Council, its committees, sub-committees, management and service units. The Council Solicitor also has a role as Monitoring Officer under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, to ensure that Council officers and committees do not act contrary to the law and that no maladministration takes place.

Principal areas of work include, conveyancing, criminal litigation, contracts and procurement, planning, licensing, regulatory work and committee support.

Streetscene manages a diverse range of functions for the Council including waste management i.e. domestic and commercial waste collections, kerbside recycling, street and environmental cleansing, grounds maintenance and the daily cleaning and maintenance of public conveniences. Other responsibilities include the management of the Council's ten off-street car parks, the licensing of private hire vehicles, hackney carriages and school transport and the development of environmental initiatives.
For further information please visit the Environment and waste section of our website.


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