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Council tax support

You may be eligible to claim Council Tax Support if you are on low income or in receipt of certain Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits.

Who can claim Council Tax Support?

You may apply whether you rent or own your home, or live rent-free. You could qualify if you are out of work, or in work and earning a wage. If you have savings, capital or investments with a value of more than £16,000, you will not qualify for support (unless you are getting Guaranteed Pension Credit).

Use our benefits calculator to find out if you may qualify.

How to make a claim for Council Tax Support?

To make a claim for Council Tax Support you will need to complete a Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support online application form. There is one form to claim both Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support.

How Council Tax Support is paid

Any entitlement to Council Tax Support is credited directly to your Council Tax account and an adjustment notice showing the revised balance will be sent shortly afterwards.

If you need further information

If you have any queries about claiming Council Tax Support, please complete an Enquiry Form.


Anyone of working age may be entitled to up to 1 months' backdated Council Tax Support, if they can show good cause for not having applied at an earlier date. Anyone who is of pensionable age may be entitled to up to 3 months backdated Council Tax Support.

Backdating is when support is assessed from a date before the application was actually received at this office.

When your application for Council Tax Support is received at this office, it is assessed according to the date of application and the date on which all the necessary information is received at this office. Council Tax Support usually starts from the Monday following the date an application is received at this office. Your support decision notice will tell you the date from which any entitlement starts.

For more information, please complete an Enquiry Form.


Council Tax Support is paid for as long as you are entitled. However, there may be changes in the amount of the entitlement if your circumstances change.

Please complete a Change of Circumstances online form.

We do not ask you to renew your claim each year, so it is important that you keep us up-to-date with your household, income and capital details.

Although you do not have to renew your claim each year, we may contact you to conduct an in-claim review of your support. This means that we will ask you to provide information about your circumstances and up to date proof of your income and capital. Your claim may be reviewed at any time, and it is important that you provide the information that we ask for, so you continue to get the right amount of support.

We may review your claim by post or in person by visiting you. If we contact you to arrange a visit, we will tell you the officer who will be visiting and try to arrange a convenient time. If you have any queries, please submit an Enquiry Form.

Entitlement to support ends when:

  • a person moves to another address outside the Ryedale area
  • a person dies or when they are no longer entitled to a benefit for some other reason

When a person moves to another address in the Ryedale area they should complete a Change of Circumstances online form.


Anyone who has claimed council tax support and disagrees with the decision made in their assessment can challenge the decision by submitting an appeals form, within one month of the date of the decision they are appealing against.
If you decide that you are not happy with your benefit decision notice and you would like us to look at your claim again or if you want to appeal against it, you should make your request, in writing, to be received at this office within one calendar month of the date on the decision notice.

Appeals made more than one month after your notification of support entitlement should also explain the delay in making an appeal.

Your claim will be looked at by a different member of staff and a full explanation given. If you are still unhappy with the decision you can ask for your appeal to be sent to the Independent Appeals Tribunal service.



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